I have the sweetest tooth. All I can ever think about is dessert and even though today is officially the first day of Fall, it is hot as ever in Los Angeles. Because I’m super excited about HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 2 coming to theatres in just a couple of days, I decided to make Drac inspired ice cream dessert. I call it “Sweetfang Sundae” and it was delicious!

Sweetfang Sundae

You’ll need four ingredients:

Vanilla Ice Cream
Frozen Strawberries
Whipped Cream

Strawberries Spread ( I used Smucker’s squeezeable)

My husband opted for cookies and cream and insisted that I call his dessert “spookies and cream,” whichever flavor you choose, will be delicious!


HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 2 will be out in theatres on September 25th Watch official trailer here!