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I’ve been talking about it for weeks but my she shed is finally complete! Well, almost! The hubby needs to finish the crown molding and I need to add a few more touches to the decor but it’s furnished and ready to be revealed. Next week. So stay tuned! This she shed was part of my garage. The husband added windows, doors, and a brand new floor. However, we have a big yard and live pretty close to the freeway so it gets pretty dusty in there. When picking out the decor, I wanted to make sure that I selected a cozy rug to bring it all together. It also needed to be machine washable because I’m allergic to dust and do not have the time to be vacuuming all the time.  The solution? A cozy, thick, beautiful rug from Lorena Canals. I especially love this rug because it’s made of natural and safe materials for kids. Ji and Dahlia visit me while I’m at work in the she shed so this rug was not only for looks or for me but a comfortable place where my girls could play on.

It’s easy to wash and looks just as beautiful after it’s been cleaned.


washing instructions lorena canals

Lorena Canals Beige Rug

Washable Rug

Now, a few more sneak peaks of the she shed! 

Pink and Gold She Shed

Gold and Pink She Shed Details

Pink and Gold She Shed

Pink and Teal Home Office Decor

Black and Teal Home Office Decor

If you are looking for a stylish and chemical-free solution to bring your decor together, check out the Lorena Canals collection. They also produce wall decor, baskets, cushions, and blankets.


She Shed