Today I want to share a few pictures of our gender reveal party. As a second-time mom, I’m doing a lot of things differently than the first time around and one of them is finding out the sex of the baby. I really wanted a girl (so that Ji could have a best friend) and my husband was rooting for  a boy, because, well, he’s a guy.

We decided to find out the sex of the baby at the our second trimester anatomy scan. Actually, we asked that the technician find out and put in an envelope for us. Our anatomy scan was on a Wednesday and our party wouldn’t be for another four days. Surprisingly, I didn’t want to rip the envelope open to find out. I placed it in another envelope and hid it in the glove compartment in my car. We would find out the sex of the baby at the same time as the rest of our family members.  eeeeek!


My Family and Friends Received this invite via text



I wanted to keep the gender reveal really small and intimate but yet fun and festive. I didn’t want it to feel or look like a babyshower so  I went with fun and bright colors and minimal decor. Hot pink, teal, and gold were the main colors that I decided on. I usually work with what I have and come up with whatever looks good in the moment and didn’t really have vision of what I wanted to put together just yet.  This really worked in my favor because my little Ji woke up with a burning hot fever that morning and wanted me to hold her all day so I only managed to take a few pictures. The sun wasn’t cooperating either….

The main decoration was a backdrop that my husband put together with a white felt fabric that we found on sale at Joann’s. They always have coupons so we paid $12 for 6 yards! I set up a small table with three props and a handmade banner that I made the day before. Boy or Girl on black construction paper written with chalk!  The cutest part of the backdrop was the tassel garland. I think it really pulled everything together!

DIY Gender Reveal Backdrop

DIY Gender Reveal Backdrop

Gender Reveal Pink and Teal Beads

Guests wore their guess!

Gender Reveal Decor. Mini Bow Ties and Bows Photo Props 

Mini Bow Ties and Bows Photo Props

The morning of the party I put together an Old Wives Tales board with facts about the pregnancy to help my guests take a guess at the baby’s gender.


Fun Facts! My little Ji helped me put the confetti on the board!


Old Wives Tales Chart



Fresh Fruit Tarts for Dessert!


They were rooting for more girls!

Announcement Time!

Did I mention that we didn’t know how we were going to reveal the gender up until 30 minutes before the big announcement?! We didn’t have a cake, a balloon… nada. My husband and cousin ended up creating a confetti blaster with a leaf blower and bright wrapping paper. Oh yeah, the hubby will use any opportunity to make something. I was so worried it would be a fail but had I no other choice but to  hand over the envelope to my cousin. She stuffed the leaf blower with the corresponding color and hid behind the backdrop. The last minute invention worked out just fine! pheeewww!

I was so nervous right before we announced and I even got emotional. I  kept asking everyone if it was normal.




It’s a girl!

We guessed right and we are SO excited to be welcoming a baby sister to the family!

This gender reveal was milestone and happy moment in this pregnancy and  I hope that you enjoyed my post and find some inspiration for your next celebration!

Gender Reveal Inspiration. Teal, Hot Pink and Gold Color Scheme

About the decor: 

DIY Invite: Canva

White Felt & Chalkboard: Joann’s Fabric and Craft Store

Flower Pom Poms: Dollar Tree

Beads & Bows and Bow Ties: Party City 

Tassel Garland, Straws and Confetti: GLAM love PARTIES 

Fruit Tarts: Kelly’s Bakery in Monterey Park

Boy or Girl Banner: My DIY