I’ve partnered with JOHNSON’S® to introduce you to the #ChooseGentle campaign. All opinions expressed are my own.


JOHNSON’S® is all new inside and out. You’ll find their products in fresh and modern packaging, with pumps for convenient one-hand use to make bath time easier, allowing your attention to remain focused on baby. Most importantly, they redesigned all of their washes, lotions and hair care products and reduced the number of ingredients in their portfolio by more than 50%, including removing sulfates and dyes.


The exciting changes also come with five promises. One promise for each finger of baby’s little hand.

JOHNSON’S® promises to:

Only use purposeful ingredients

Never stop raising the bar

Be open and honest

Think like a parent first

Help make the world a gentler place

I’ve been a mother for almost five years and each of these promises speak to me in different ways. When I founded L.A Mamacitas, my mission was to find other mothers who were experiencing some of the same struggles, milestones, and life moments as I was. The purpose of the group and get-togethers continues to be a platform for mothers to unite as much as it is to be open and honest about the good and the bad moments that we each have (as mothers, wives, working professionals, friends and family members).


Five years of motherhood. Dahlia on the left. Ji on the right.

L.A Mamacitas has grown from a playdate group to becoming a community and a business. While it may seem that I have it all together… I just don’t. It’s really important to me as a mother and an “influencer” to remain transparent about what it really is like to be a mom-life entrepreneur while working from home with two little ones. On my instastories you’ll often see the messy house, the mom-bun, the leggings and the old tee that has become my uniform… and oh yes, the crying baby who doesn’t understand why mommy has to spend so much time on a computer.

I refuse to pretend that my life is only the perfect little squares that you see so often on social media and I really do appreciate the messages I receive thanking me for “keeping it real”. Motherhood is hard, emotional, messy and while there’s lots of happy and picture perfect moments, I also make a promise to always remain open and honest with my readers and the L.A Mamacitas.

JOHNSON’S® will remain open and honest by continuing to share their research with everyone—including parents, their competitors and health authorities. They also promise to share 100% of the ingredients in their products,
including those in their fragrances.

I would love to know how you are open and honest about motherhood?

Please share by commenting below!