I’m so excited to finally have a weekend off! I’m enjoying this Saturday by hanging out in my home office, drinking some iced coffee and blogging. I’ve been so busy with L.A Mamacitas and our annual Mamacitas and Mimosas event, that I’ve neglected my mommy blog. I can’t wait to share all the details of our networking event with you soon too!

Back to my she shed. The idea behind this feminine home office came from this mama needing a space of her own! I work from home a lot but my home is also teeny tiny with little space for privacy or quiet time. My husband being so handy, came up with the idea of using the shed next to our garage. Our house is almost 100 years old and I can’t even imagine what that space was used for decades ago but I’m glad that it’s no longer being wasted and that it is now a pretty office for this work at home mom.

Check out the pictures and let me know what you think! You can also see before pictures and some of the process on my instastories under thrifting.

As I may have mentioned a lot of times before, I never really design anything in my head or have a clear idea of what I want the decor look like. I simply put some of my finds together that I find along the way (I should seriously consider on-line shopping to make my process faster but I love the thrill of the find!).

Pink home office pillow

This chair was my first find. $10 at our local swapmeet.

Then came this notebook from Ross.

I also found these inspirational shiny canvas frames and pretty cactus painting at Ross. The initial idea was to put up wallpaper but when I put these three together, I thought they would look great with my Lorena Canals Bereber rug.


pink cactus home decor

This is the point where the she shed had a decor theme! It suddenly became a feminine and modern SouthWestern home office and I loved it. I then started pulling pieces from my collection and past special events to compliment the pieces I had purchased.


Lorena Canals Bereber Rug in home office

As for seating, the room is pretty small but I wanted to find a way to include different seating options for meetings and for visitors. These teal seats are part of a dining set and the entertainment center was about to be thrown out by an old tenant at my job. When he offered it to me, I jumped at the opportunity because it would not only serve for storage but also sturdy enough to seat one person. I might also add some throw pillows to it. What do you all think?

teal office chairFeminine SouthWestern Decormini crates as decorOne of my favorite parts of the process of decorating was incorporating decor from past events. I like it for two reasons. One is that they take me down memory lane and the second reason is that I love shopping my closet. Well, I’m shopping my garage in this case, so things that I promised myself that I would use again, are definitely serving a purpose over and over again in my beautiful she shed.

Like this frame from the L.A Mamacitas Dia De los Muertos Event


pink crate with florals

and this floral crate from Dahlia’s first birthday party

this pinata from my babyshower

Thank you to my amiga Academic Mami for this Chingona banner! It hangs on a mirror near the entrance.

The decor to this she shed is South Western meets feminine meets Mexican meets DIY party decor. It’s all over the place but I love how it all came together. It’s very much a reflection of me, my personality and my style. I know that it also needs a little more work, such as the wall base, live cactus plants, and some nice curtains but we will get there when we get there. For now, I’ll enjoy my very own private space where I can relax and get my blogging and other work done.

P.S I will share the french doors, windows and other free materials that complete this room soon! My next project will be to make-over the outside portion. Stay tuned!

If you love any of these pictures and have been inspired, I encourage you to pin them to your Pinterest boards!


A Feminine Home Office