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I’m often comparing all the things I am doing differently with the girls.  Just the other day I was going through Ji’s baby pictures and trying to figure out when some of them were taken.  I recorded her milestones in a very old school way.  I wrote the date and milestone on that back of each picture!   Dahlia on the other hand,  has her milestones recorded in the picture itself.   This time around, I’m  using the super cute baby cards by Milestone Baby.

Milestone Baby Cards 6 weeks old

Milestone Baby makes super cute cards that make that help you commemorate special moments and also make for thoughtful congratulatory gifts.  They have collections for weddings, pregnancies, toddlers and even twins!

Milestone Baby Cards 8 weeks

I also love that they offer free printables for those first holidays and other national days.  Milestone Baby cards come in 22 languages so there is a collection for everyone.


How do you record your baby’s milestones? Not on the back of a picture, right?