If you are a mom of young kids, you know that the minute you think it’s safe to relax, your kids will start the mom chant. You know the one that goes like this: mom, mama, mami, ma, mom, mom, mom over and over again. We all love our kids but that’s far from relaxing. I was able to take some me time to relax earlier this month at the latest L.A Mamacitas event. These community events are meant to give Los Angeles mothers and women entrepreneurs an opportunity to learn new business and social media skills, network, shop, and more importantly, the chance to get away for a little “me” time.

Wellness Workshop for Momtrepreneurs

Wellness Workshop for L.A Women

Yesica and Janet organized such an awesome event! All attendees were eager to learn from peer mentors and excited for their turn at a mini massage in the relaxation room, courtesy of FIORA®.

Relaxation Room Signange

massages for momtrepreneurs

A message from the sponsor: FIORA® is a US-based toilet paper, paper towel and facial tissue brand that is committed to our customers, our retail partners, our communities, and our environment. We offer products that people can feel good about–sustainably sourced, smartly made, and of exceptional quality.

Talk about commitment to the community!

I love being part of these events because it gives me the opportunity to meet women who are eager to excel in their careers while also learning about companies like FIORA®  who are eco-friendly and  who take the time to get to know their customers. You can get to know FIORA® too by following them on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube!

If you need a little “me” time, want to expand your network, or want to learn about brands that care, come to the next L.A Mamacitas event. You’ll leave inspired, motivated and with lots of swag, minus the mom chant.