When I started L.A Mamacitas in 2015, I had daydreams of us going away on a trip, kid-free. Those daydreams were never a goal because it seemed so far-fetched (I have other wild ideas!) and as I sit here going through the pictures of our networking event in San Diego, I can’t help but be cliché and think about how dreams really do come true. But, it’s not just the moms only trip that I’m referring to….


I often talk about how I grew up in my mom’s beauty salon. That’s a huge inspiration behind L.A Mamacitas. I think about how my mom’s business could have been successful had she marketed her business, networked and used her social skills to collaborate with other women and small businesses. She had plenty of business at one point her in career, the beauty salon often filled with women, quince courts getting the works, and your typical beauty shop gossip but even as a little girl, I felt like it lacked something. I noticed that her family didn’t understand her hustle or that she had to work on weekends. They didn’t get that taking a day off meant no pay for the day. My mom lacked a supportive community that understood her and when I too became a business owner, I noticed the same lack of understanding.  L.A Mamacitas has grown from a mompreneur mommy meet up group to a business, but we remain a tight-knit community of creative entrepreneurs, mothers, bloggers and small business owners. Our community events are organized so that women like my mom, are able to collaborate and support one another no matter where they come from. Our latest project brought women from L.A to San Diego together, first as a way to celebrate three years of L.A Mamacitas but staying true to our style, we couldn’t have done it without organizing a networking event along the way too!



 My Big Sis and I. SDSU Alumni


Con mi amiga Valeria, owner of Isla De Milania Bakery in San Diego



Lucky number three.

Our San Diego get-together could not have been made possible without women who believe in the power of collaboration and  understand that marketing and networking is a big part of building a successful business. Thank you for believing in us and in your business!

On October 14th, L.A Mamacitas will be hosting an intimate workshop to discuss the basics of networking, marketing, social media, business forms and blogging.  We want to see your dreams come true too.

Save the date!