A few weeks back there was a post going around Instagram with a “life hack” that encouraged users to unfollow anyone who made them wish they had someone else’s life. I’m the type of person who always likes to see both sides of things. I understand that for some it might not be as easy to distinguish real-life from the perfect little squares but I assure you, there’s a real-life going on behind social media posts. We all have different situations, lifestyles, incomes, schedules, family-values, and as happy a put together that some accounts may seem, no one has a perfect life. 

There are, however, individuals who excel in some areas in life and who can influence the way you feel about yourself. Today, I would like to highlight six Instagram moms who have amazing qualities that inspire me to be a better version of myself.

I will not be unfollowing them.

The Home Decor: Angela is a mom of two beautiful little girls, just got engaged and is planning a picture perfect wedding. She often showcases different angles and decor from her house and I fall in love with her home each and every time. I seriously would pay for her to come and make-over my house!


The Mother-Daughter Relationship: I often think about what my life is going to be like when my two girls are teenagers. I can only wish that they are as close and well-mannered as Mary’s daughters. I love seeing their mom and daughter interactions and I’m definitely taking notes! Mary is someone I will come to seeking parenting advice.

The Budgeting Skills: I’m frugal. You won’t catch me on a type of shopping spree but I’m not the best at budgeting. I admire Mari, because she makes things happen! She finds innovative ways to cover her school expenses (oh yeah, she is also a PhD candidate), trips to see her beloved family in Mexico and I especially love how even the smallest things like a pair of earrings are accounted for. She inspired me to do the same. I’ve been using the money I make from sponsored posts to fix things around the house. Most recently our porch got a mini make-over and I’m able to see the fruits of my labor everytime I’m out there with my girls. I’ll be saving up the rest of the year to spruce up our backyard. 


The Self-Care: As early as 5 AM this girl is already hitting the gym hard! She has a killer body and rocks the most amazing outfits. It can’t be easy to be up so early to exercise and take the time to look stunning but Maria inspires to want to put that alarm clock on! Can she be my stylist and coach?


The Cooking Skills: Mouthwatering.  Cathy’s account makes my mouth water every time! From the perfect meals to easy lunch ideas to the best spots to eat in L.A. She makes cooking look so easy and will walk you through how to make it yourself. I can always count on this mama’s account to pop in my feed when I need meal inspirations the most. Again, I must warn you. Your mouth will water! 


The Memories: I love to have dance parties with my girls but if I’m being honest, I don’t play with them as often as I wish I could. Rachel is so genuine and engaging with her kids and every single moment feels like a new memory made. Water play with a hose, cute conversations while doing laundry, strolls at the swap meet. This family’s beautiful and innocent moments give me all the feels.

I wish I could bottle up all of these qualities that I admire from each and every one of these mamacitas to construct a perfect life for myself. That’s definitely not realistic so I will continue to follow these moms on Instagram so that they will continue to inspire me to work harder on different aspects of my life!


I hope that you too have found inspiration from these accounts. What are some of your favorite moms to follow on Instagram?