Tonight we will all say hasta Siempre to Sabado Gigante. Sabado Gigante is the longest-running variety show and after 53 years of Hispanic families all over the world tuning in on Saturday nights the show will air its last episode. I have to admit that I haven’t watched the show in years but a few weeks ago, decided to turn it on as exposure to the Spanish language for my daughter. More than anything, I wanted her to get a taste of my childhood. I remember cracking up to the hysterical “La Cuatro” and feeling bummed for the contestants who didn’t make it past “El Chacal De La Trompeta” while trying to wow him with their singing skills. It was a place to see famous singers who I could never afford to see in real life and a first introduction to future stars like Jenni Rivera and Enrique Iglesias. I especially loved the segment with the kids who were my age who sat with Don Francisco to talk about everyday topics


So on that day, a few weeks ago when I heard it would no longer be on the air, I decided that it was time for us to start tuning in for the remainder of the Saturdays.  Today we will say adios, and although my daughter is too young to remember it, I will make sure to document it with a picture or video. When she grows up, I will tell her more about how she too enjoyed Sabado Gigante in her childhood.

Sabado Gigante was a big part of my life, and I have many memories of watching it with my family. I will truly miss it.

What are your favorite Sabado Gigante memories?