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Happy Holidays Mamacitas!

Have you given any thought to my recent post about Hands-Only CPR?

A lot of us are traveling during the holidays and there’s little time to think about adding an extra project on our plate. However, it takes just 5-minutes to learn Hands-Only CPR. The American Heart Association is making it simple and bringing the training to you! If you’ll be traveling by plane look out for training kiosks at select airports around the nation.

Did you know?

About 35,000 cardiac arrests occur a year and 20% of them happen in a public space. Hands-Only CPR can help save a life just as much as the conventional CPR.

Travelers may also select Spanish from the kiosk’s main touchscreen. If you’ll be traveling with your Spanish speaking family or parents, this is a great opportunity for them to learn Hands-Only CPR too!

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Stay safe!