Hosted stay provided by KOA. All opinions are my own.

I recently made a vision board and on it are a few pictures I cut out of magazines that represent more family adventures, road trips, and glamping. I went camping when I was younger and wanted to recreate those memories for my girls but I wanted to be able to have the comfort of a home, like electricity, a bed, a kitchen, and bathroom, while being able to enjoy nature and the outdoors plus organized activities. My vision was to go glamping!

Was it glamping? According to the internet: Glamping is a portmanteau of “glamorous” and “camping”, and describes a style of camping with amenities and, in some cases, resort-style services not usually associated with “traditional” camping.

Ah! My vision did exist! And it came calling just a few days after I had put my vision board up in my bedroom. When offered to a hosted stay at a deluxe cabin at Ventura Ranch KOA Holiday, I immediately said yes! This So-Cal campground is a family favorite since there’s so much to do during the Halloween season. They organize ‘haunted’ hayrides, costume and cabin decorating contests, trick or treating and much more!


I captured our weekend getaway on my Instastories throughout the weekend and although a part of me thought I was overdoing it, I  received a lot of messages with questions about our Southern California glamping experience with kids. The answers to your questions are below!


Where did you stay? Our glamping experience took place at Ventura Ranch KOA Holiday. We stayed in one of their deluxe cabins. 

lamping KOA Ventura Morning Views

What amenities does the deluxe cabin have? We stayed in cabin number three and I loved that we had a deck with a beautiful view, a nice area for the kids to play in, a grill and a fire pit. The inside of the cabin is fully furnished with a kitchen that includes a dining table, stove, and refrigerator, pots, pans and utensils. We also had a bedroom with plenty of closet space, USB charging, a pull-out couch, a loft with an extra mattress. We had a working bathroom with a shower that had towels, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. I really liked that the cabin had central air/heat and ceiling fans. 


Glamping Cabins KOA Ventura County


Glamping Showers KOA Ventura


How far away is it from L.A? About an hour and a half. We were in L.A around 12 PM and even though we had to take a different route due to fires we arrived at the campgrounds around 2 PM. This gave us an opportunity to have lunch in Santa Paula  (The Citrus Capital).


What if I don’t want to stay in a deluxe cabin? Are there other options? Absolutely! They also have traditional camping sites, RV sites, safari tents, and some really awesome teepees that are equipped with beds. 

Glamping in a teepee

Does the deluxe cabin have a fire pit? Yep! There’s also a grill, a table, and benches and they did a really good job of giving each cabin enough space for intimate gatherings and space for the kids to play in. 

Glamping Halloween KOA Cabins

Are there water activities? They have a pool! We forgot our bathing suits but it worked out because there’s a creek and it makes for the perfect spot to have lunch while the kids dip their feet in the water. My girls had a great time getting muddy. 

Glamping Water Activities KOA Ventura County

Is it kid-friendly? Definitely! I can’t imagine kids getting bored here! Ventura Ranch KOA Holiday does an amazing job of organizing kids’ activities that the entire family will enjoy. They have a playground and more on-site.

The girls enjoyed decorating the cabin, the costume parade, trick or treating (the other campers go all out!) and the hayride to Ocracoke Island. Ocracoke Island is definitely a surprise and such a fun experience! There’s mermaids, skeletons, pirates, complimentary treats and more. It’s an awesome production and the owners of this  Ventura campsite put their heart into making sure that families are creating memories! 

Glamping Halloween

What should I take? Bring everything you would bring to a regular camping trip but leave your tent, sleeping gear, and pots and pans behind. You’ll have everything you need here to make your meals as easy or as fancy as you would like. I brought instant oatmeal for breakfast, instant noodles for lunch and hotdogs and corn for dinner. Next time we’ll probably bring some bacon and eggs for breakfast and a traditional Mexican carne asada for the rest of the day. 

Glamping Breakfast Ideas

How much does it cost? It really varies on the days and type of amenities you want to be included in your stay. This page breaks down all the options for you. 

Did my 5 and 2 year old enjoy it? They loved it so much! For all the above reasons but they also made friends and didn’t want to leave. They are already planning for the next one. 

What was your favorite part? Honestly, I loved everything about it. I wish we could have stayed for a couple more days. I especially enjoyed being able to have my morning meditation and a cup of tea surrounded by the tranquil environment and beautiful mountain views. 

glamping with kids

KOA and Latinos

Latino campers represent 11 percent of U.S. camping households in 2018, representing the fastest-growing group of campers based on ethnicity. Latinos camp to relax and spend time with friends and family and, on average, spend more nights in national park campgrounds than the general population. Latinos generally travel with family of all ages and seek activities and destinations that are suitable for multiple generations. Most important on their list of ‘must-haves,’ are “kid-friendly” campgrounds with clean restrooms.


Glamping with Kids