Fun & Organized Playroom Layout

I have a routine that keeps my daughters playroom clutter free, organized and fun! Most of all it keeps me sane. Some people love retail therapy. I release stress by getting rid of stuff. I don’t know if I have undiagnosed OCD, but the sight of a messy playroom just drives me nuts. So, once a month I declutter my daughter’s room to keep it organized and fun for my daughter to enjoy.

1. Stuffed Animals- If they don’t fit in a neat row. They need to go!
She loves to line them up on her bed. If they take over her bed, and there is no room for her to sleep, then they need to go. Stuffed animals that don’t make the cut are washed and donated.

2. Small Toys and Sets-  If they overflow. They need to go! We don’t own a toy chest because my daughter is at a climbing stage; I felt that it would be dangerous for her to have one.  We are currently using a laundry hamper to store her toys.. Because there is no lid on the hamper , I can easily see what is in there.  Broken toys that pose a danger are thrown out. Any that she genuinely has shown no interest in and are in good condition are cleaned and donated or moved to the closet.

3. Books- Series of the week. All books we keep!
Reading is really important to us. Many of her books have been passed down from family members, and others have been gifted, and I make an effort to keep all of her books. Every week I chose a different theme and put out different books on her dresser that we read throughout the week. This week we have a Disney princess collection out and last week we had books about sharing. Distressed books that have torn, missing pages or if I just can’t find a way to repurpose them, are recycled.

Last but not least,

4. We shop our closet-I like to see my baby’s face light up when she gets a new toy! She has plenty in her closet that are either already used, and she hasn’t seen in a while or some that were unopened from Christmas or her birthday. I save those for special rewards like when she was potty trained and collected points. Used or unopened, they are new to her and who doesn’t love surprises!

At the end of the day, her room will become a chaos but I can relax knowing that her tiny little hands can help me put away her toys in no time!

I would love to hear your tips and tricks to keeping organized and sane!