I had never heard of Freshly Picked Moccasins until I started following Instagram shops. I started following them when I realized my daughter had more clothes that she could ever wear, and I too got in on the baby clothes selling frenzy.  By following the Instagram shops you often see an on-line trend and being a baby fashion fan, I jumped on FP moccs bandwagon. I could never justify spending $60 on baby shoes so when a shop offered EUC (Excellent Used Condition) ones for $32 shipped I jumped on it, and I love them so!


I’ll tell you why we love them so. First of all, this child has a wide foot. She also curls her toes whenever we put shoes on her. The moccasins have elastic, and they stretch wide enough to get her feet in there comfortably. At first I was concerned that she would slip but the leather is pretty sturdy, and she walks just fine with them on. They also go with everything! Doesn’t she look cute?  Another pro is that they are easy to clean. I used baby wipes, and they are back to pretty. FreshlyPickedReview4

There are a couple of things that I would change about them.

1. I really feel like the bigger sizes need to have a hard sole. It scares me to let her walk on pavement with them on. I once stepped on a nail when I was younger and I feel like the moccs wouldn’t protect her from something like that. Also, pavement is really harsh on them and the one time she wore them on a 5 minute walk they got really scratched up. I say, wear them indoors or on fluffy grass.
2. The price. Would I spend $60 of my own money on them? Probably not. I understand that they are hand made but I would suggest a price point of $40. I sold a used pair on-line for $20.

My overall opinion is that they are awesome. They are super cute and comfty! They just require a little extra attention but hey are eyes are already on the kids 24-7, right? What is one more thing?!

If you have been wanting a pair of these but I haven’t the monies to splurge or can’t justify the purchase like me then you are in luck!

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The contest is SUPER Easy and the Winner will be announced the day after Father’s Day. You deserve a treat after all that gadget shopping.

Feliz Dia,


***I was not paid to write this review. The above are my own opinions***