Now that we live in San Diego it’s really tempting to go on a little getaway to Rosarito Beach every weekend. We visited back in October when we weren’t in quarantine and the weather was still warm enough be in a beach town. In what was only about an hour on the road, we arrived at Rosarito! I was nervous about keeping the girls entertained because the only times I had visited Rosarito Beach was in college and the experience without kids is a lot different than going to Rosarito Beach WITH kids. I had nothing to worry about because the girls had a blast! Below are five things that we did in Rosarito Beach with kids. 

Rosarito Colorful Letters Photo

Play on the beach 

We stayed in a condo that was less than a 5-minute walk to the beach so as soon as we checked in, we dropped our belongings off and walked over to play on the sand. This side of the beach (about 5 minutes before you reach downtown is pretty isolated) and it was a great way to relax on our first day in Rosarito with kids. We did get matching bracelets for the girls from a local vendor walking by. 

Rosarito Kids Beach

Have breakfast at Pancake Republic

The next morning the girls were craving pancakes so we headed over to the Pancake Republic which is located in front of the Rosarito Hotel. They have items like bunnies and angry bird pancakes on their menu. 

Get their hair braided 

 No matter how many youtube videos I watch, I could never get braid the girl’s hair without it immediately falling apart. It was a nice warm day and the perfect time to have their long hair out of their face. 

Ride Ponies 

Every little girl dreams about riding a pony! I know I did. We paid about $10 for each girl to choose their pony and have a stroll near the water. 

Be kids!

Fresh coconuts, candy galore and colorful backdrops. The girls didn’t need an itinerary. They were having fun exploring their colorful surroundings.

Although we were only there for 24 hours we were able to pack a lot into our trip (even a lobster lunch at Puerto Escondido! But more on that on another post). We were just too excited! Next time we hope to be able to spend a few days there so that we can take it slow and see more of this beautiful Mexican beach.