I can’t believe my soon to be three year old has already started her second semester in college. We enrolled her at an early education center at a local college and they go by semesters so technically it is her second semester, she’s just not in college YET. haha! She loves school and every week she has the responsibility to pack her backpack with essentials like a few changes of clothes, a blanket for nap time and other items depending on the assignment.  She’s little but her big girl Princess Elena backpack gifted to her by Disney is perfect for the job!


Elena of Avalor School Supplies.JPG

The front pocket is perfect for storing baby wipes 😉 The two side pockets carry her sippy cup and hand sanitizer. She goes to school but she’s still my baby!

Princess Elena of Avalor Backpack


She stuffed the inside with a warm blanky, three changes of clothes and plenty of snacks!


When she comes from home from school she asks, “where is Elena”? She’s her new best friend and she loves to dance and sing with her. If you twirl Elena’s hand she sings both “The Magic Within You ” and “My Time” from her hit TV show. The singing is definitely Ji’s favorite feature.

Mine and the hubby’s favorite is the Princess Elena backpack that secretly doubles as our toddler bag for everyday essentials when out and about.  I’m not the only parent that does this, right? 


Woke up on her first day of school to a fun surprise!


If your child is just as obsessed with Elena of Avalor or you are looking for a perfect gift, I do recommend the  Feature Doll Set that also includes Elena’s sister Isabel and a guitar, scepter, crown, earrings, bracelet, shoes and book!

What are your family’s favorite back to school items? Do tell!