I received all items pictured in exchange for my honest review of A Wrinkle In Time. All opinions expressed are my own. 

It’s rare when we have a free day to just relax at home. This Sunday we were able to do that and we made it all about A Wrinkle In Time. It was also a learning experience for all of us. Ji is going through a stage where it’s her way or no way at all, so when we received A Wrinkle In Time for us to review, I was hoping that it would keep her attention and spark a new interest. This film touches on strong subjects like bullying, abandonment, low-self esteem, fatherhood, family, love, friendships, science and much more. I wasn’t sure how Ji was going to react to it but she quickly fell in love with the film. A few moments into the opening scene, she remarked how her eyes were watery. She then went and cuddled with her dad. It’s incredible how this film was able to speak to a four-year-old on a deeper level. Sure, she was in aww of beautifully adorned gowns worn by the Mrs. Which (Oprah), Mrs. Whatsit (Reese Whiterspoon)  and Mrs. Who (Mindy Kaling), the sci-fi special effects and the beauty in all of the different scenes but her favorite was the relationship and love that Meg Murry (Storm Reid) and her family have for each other.

A Wrinkle In Time Inspired Activities

Following the film, Ji went and found her shiniest dress to wear (she loves playing dress up) to our next activity. We were also provided with some great educational and fun items like glitter bracelets, a flower origami kit and a create a bubble-blowing robo bud. All these items kept her entertained and full of questions and discoveries for the rest of the night and all day today. It was my idea to put them away and to continue working on them tomorrow after-school. Both Ji and I must have said “wow” a dozen times during our learning and bonding time.

A Wrinkle In Time Party

A Wrinkle In Time origami flowers

A Wrinkle In Time playing Cards

A Wrinkle In Time will definitely be on replay at our home. Next time we watch it, it will be in Spanish. I like to rotate between English and Spanish to encourage my kids to learn both languages. That’s one of the things that I enjoyed most about the film. The cast was multicultural! I’ve never seen such diversity in a film. I wasn’t extremely surprised to see Oprah in a starring role but Mindy Kaling and Micheal Pena (Red) were definitely an awesome surprise. I hope that one day this will be a norm and not a surprise.

If you are looking for something to keep your kids entertained this Summer, I recommend a film like A Wrinkle In Time. Pair it with themed activities and have some fun!


Disney’s A Wrinkle in Time will be available on Blu-ray, June 5th.