I’m still in awe of Mamacitas and Mimosas 2019. As a host, it’s often difficult to enjoy the events, because no matter how hard you try to organize it to the smallest detail, you are still pulled in different directions. This year it was different. I set an intention to enjoy and experience the event just as any other guest and I came very close to it! Mostly because we had a team of volunteers and sponsors who were behind the scenes making sure that everything ran smoothly. Thank you!

champagne wall

If you have been following me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I’m on a path of a spiritual awakening. The way I think, the way I eat, the way I take care of my body and mind is different than it was a few months ago.  I’m learning how to do things at a slower pace, I’m grateful for the little things and most of all, I’m stopping to enjoy the now. This is definitely a change from my norm and this process has been difficult yet healing.

Today I would like to formally announce that I will be closing the chapter to L.A Mamacitas to continue my process of healing and expansion. Let’s take a look at the beautiful experience that was Mamacitas and Mimosas 2019 before I talk more about the transformation that will be happening.

chicpinataschicbackdropraggedytiffchampagneforbreakfast mimosasparty mimosasparty pinata

It was such a good day for me. Today I heard something that resonated with me, “you can still have a good day while you are healing.” Mamacitas and Mimosas 2019 was one of those days. I’m confident that I will continue to have more good days, as my transformation has called for me to continue my healing process in San Diego. Today, I write my last blog post as L.A Mamacita. In the next few weeks, you’ll see the subtle name change (because subconsciously I knew this day would come) to La Mamacita and to Las Mamacitas.

Because we are not stopping in L.A. This baby of mine is growing with me… 

lipstick pinata

Photo Credit: Denise Hernandez Photography 


                                              Trying to announce my departure but I couldn’t get the words out…