This past weekend we took a road trip from Los Angeles to San Diego. Well, I’m not sure if it’s technically a road trip since we go very often to visit family and friends. I lived in San Diego during my college years and that’s where my husband and I met. Every time we go, I like to explore a different part of the city. It’s not a huge place but while living there, I spent most of my weekends at the Gaslamp District and didn’t really appreciate everything else the beautiful city has to offer.

We arrived on Saturday night and we still didn’t have plans. Being that I’m from East L.A, I asked my husband what city he thought was the most similar my city in San Diego. He mentioned Barrio Logan and I got really excited! East L.A is really colorful, cheery and full of culture so I’m always looking for that feeling even when I’m away. However, I was hungry, engorged and practically dressed in pajamas so we decided to come back the next day.


It was such a great idea to go to Barrio Logan on Sunday morning! We spotted a cute coffee shop and gallery called “Por Vida” a taco place called “Salud” and a flea market all in one little block. It was so easy. First, we stopped at Por Vida for some coffee. My hubby had the house coffee and I had a Mazapan Iced Coffee. Mine was delicious! The atmosphere was great as they had music blaring. I loved that they were playing oldies because it took me back to my teenage years.

Frida Coffee

We then proceeded to the flea marker next door. I found so many cute things! But the best thing I found was a vendor by the name of “Gold Digger Crafts” she sells Mexican inspired accessories for kids. I bought the cutest bibs for Dahlia. I was so excited to have found her and as I was walking away, I mentioned to my husband that I wish I could find a vendor like her to come and sell at our next L.A Mamacita event. I’m a strong believer in speaking to the universe because as he looked at her business card, he noticed the address. El Sereno. OMG!!!

barrio logan flea market

We then headed to Salud for some yummy San Diego style tacos. I’m trying to do the whole vegan diet for this month but I decided that I was going to cheat. I didn’t care at all. I ordered one veggie taco, a carne asada taco and a delicious drink called “Horchata Hooch” none of it disappointed! So so so good! I will definitely be going back and ordering some seafood. Their shrimp cocktails looked mouthwatering.

San Diego Style Tacos

Horchata Alcoholic Drink

Some people called me “brave” for venturing into this barrio. I’m from the hood myself so it’s all good. We will definitely be going back to San Diego and plan on exploring Chicano Park.


By the way, come and check out Gold Diggers Crafts at our event on July 30th!!! Follow our Instagram page for more updates. 

Frida Kahlo Mural

Have you been to San Diego? What’s your favorite thing to do there?