I’ve teamed up with ALDI USA to share my shopping experience at ALDI. All opinions expressed are my own. 


Fun fact about me: I shop really fast. I know what I’m getting, how much it costs and I’m back home within the hour. Then there’s the times when I fall in love with a store, then I can roam those aisles for a few hours wanting to purchase all of the amazing finds. This was the case last week, as I was challenged by ALDI to host a Father’s Day brunch on a $40 budget. My mom, sister, brother, niece, brother-in-law and cousin live right next door, so it’s always a family reunion at my house. This year Father’s Day happened to be on the same day as the Mexico game against Germany. Now we had two things to celebrate and I didn’t know if $40 was going to cut it. I’ve become sort of an expert in hosting brunches for special events and never have I been able to keep it under $100.00 while shopping at competing stores. It made me nervous because I wanted the brunch to have variety and hearty selections as all the other get togethers I’ve hosted. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised as I kept calculating our total when I thought we had reached our max but still had money to spend. It took about four tries and extra goodies to be at our $40.00 limit. I went home and did a price comparison online with a leading competitor and the results were true. I had saved more than half! Let’s just say, I’ve found a better deal, fallen in love and you’ll find me roaming the aisles at ALDI from now on.

Green Wall Decor

Soccer Themed Brunch

The menu for this Father’s Day and soccer viewing party was inspired by my memories with my dad. I didn’t live with him growing up so the little recollections that I do have are pretty vivid in my mind. One that I love the most, is the 1994 World Cup. I clearly remember being at his house, him having friends and family over as we all gathered and watched the soccer games. I remember the 1994 mascot was a little dog and I remember eating eggs, potatoes and salsa. I took those memories and elevated my menu with quality ingredients found at ALDI.

Chilaquiles Rojos

I served chilaquiles rojos topped with onion, queso fresco and fresh avocado- ALDI works with local farmers to bring vegetables from the field to store within days!

Also on the menu, sweet potato waffle fries topped with organic egg and bacon.


The kids were treated to french toast sticks, although the adults loved these also. I was hesitant about making the entire package but I’m glad I did because we had zero leftovers! I also served bagels with organic superfood spread, cookies and baked brownies.

French Toast Sticks for brunch

Black and White Cookies Soccer Brunch

My girls loved the colorful mini roasted potatoes made with a touch of diced garlic and salt, and a green salad.
Masculine Brunch

The grown-ups also loved the signature drink; a red sangria with a tropical fruit blend.

Red Sangria

drinking sangria

My Father’s Day brunch menu was a hit and my family has made new and fun memories. It was also fun to be challenged and to know that I can find the same or even better quality, fresh products at my local ALDI for half of what I usually spend. It’s been frustrating to have to drive 30 minutes out of my way to a grocery store to find quality and organic products and I appreciate ALDI making fresh products accessible to the Latino community in California. Exclusive ALDI products don’t contain MSG, artificial colors or added trans-fats that many products out there still have.  Plus, this year Market Force has named ALDI once again —among US grocery stores— as the leader delivering to its clients more value for their money; an award ALDI has received for the last eight years. This mamacita is happy to hear that!

Mexico Soccer Game Brunch

You’ll need swing by and see for yourself – no membership needed. Follow ALDI on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for a chance to win $25 to shop at one of their stores because I would love to see your creations. Are you up for the challenge?!

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