These past few days have been a little hectic. I’ve decided that if I want to get more work done then I would need to wake up at least an hour before my 18m old daughter does. I stuck to my goal, and I did it! Life is awesome. NOT. Guess who wakes up an hour earlier than usual now? Yup, you guessed it. My daughter. Our schedule remains almost identical as before. See below:
9 AM Wake up and make our bed, brush teeth, and lounge a bit before breakfast. At this time,  I check my emails!
9:30-10AM– Breakfast
10:30-11AM– I clean and she watches Curious George
11AM-12PM– Poopy diaper change! I don’t get her out of her PJ’s until this happens. Otherwise, it means double dressing time!  I schedule all my errands after 11 am. It’s just the way it is.  She drinks more water than a gym rat, so the pee pee diapers happen once an hour.
12PM-1PM– Snack time for baby while she sits in her high chair and watches me prepare lunch for daddy. She joins us for lunch at 1 PM.
1PM-She naps while I clean up the lunch mess. At this point, I finally get a couple of hours worth of real work done. I also pray. I pray that she takes a longer nap so that I can concentrate on work. If she wakes up, then it’s wrestling time. That means she crawls on top of me and wrestles me for the mouse and keypad. She didn’t fall for the play computer that we bought her. She wants this one.
3 PM– Wake up and snack time. We do laundry together. I fold, and she grabs and throws on the floor. I give up, and it stays in the basket for a week or so. All other washed clothes get rinsed about five times before I remember to put in the dryer. Mama’s brain. If you don’t, have it yet. You will. Trust me.
5 PM– We either take a neighborhood stroll or she plays on her own while I get more work done. By playing on her own, I mean taking out all of the wipes, everything from her closet and completely ignoring the room full of toys.

It’s almost 6 PM and this is where my head starts spinning and I start thinking about dinner. Ugh! Why, did I wait so long! I eventually throw something together.

I’ll spend the rest of the night cleaning and talking business with the hubby. Then it’s bath time followed by her leche. She says agua, but she means leche. I don’t get it. It sounds nothing alike!

My day revolves around my daughter and although I plan on being more efficient in other areas of my life she comes first. I gave up a good salary because I just couldn’t see myself sending her off to daycare. As you can probably tell by now,  my days are simple and hectic but so fulfilling.

I would love to hear about a typical day in your life.  Would you change anything about it?