The other day I was told by young family members of mine that they have never been to a movie theatre.  I was baffled by it because I grew up going to the drive-in and I can vividly remember watching The Lion King on the big screen.  Because of that conversation,  another memory came to mind.  It’s one that I’ve meaning to share with you all Summer long, but it somehow skipped my mind!   The good news is that there is still time to enjoy $1 movies.
Yes, $1!

I totally get that having a day out with the kids can quickly turn into $100 spent on admissions and meals.  Fortunately, I’m here to save you lots of dinero.  I hope that you can still plan a fun memory with your kids this Summer at the movies.

Click here to find participating theatres near you!

Nos vemos!

-L.A Mamacita