First theatre experience at Storybook Theatre in North Hollywood

We took both of the girls to their first theatre play this weekend.  Princess and The Frog at Theatre West was the perfect option. They do cute musicals with a life message that is perfect for kids ages 3-9 but my little Dahlia who is five months old couldn’t take her eyes off of the colorful stage!


baby's first play

Don’t worry if you think your kids won’t stay still! They don’t need to be super quiet because it’s a very interactive hour.  The actors are great with the kids and have them come up to the stage throughout the play.  Ji couldn’t get enough of her moments to shine. She raised her hand each time the opportunity was given!  She loves to play dress up so understandably she wanted to be an actress for the day.

Stoybook Theatre Box Office

There’s a short intermission and the kids are offered yummy treats like cookies and juice.  Once the play is over the fun continues! The kids have the opportunity to meet the cast, get autographs and take pictures with the characters. It’s such a great place to introduce your kids to the world of theatre!

Princess Autographing

Before we left the house we went over some simple theatre etiquette:

  • We need to be on time
  • We need to go to the potty before the performance starts.
  • No talking unless you are invited to by the cast
  • Applaud at the end!


Storybook Theatre is located inside Theatre West in North Hollywood. Location:  3333 Cahuenga Blvd. West 90068

They also host school groups and offer special packages for birthday parties!

See you there!




A Sunday Morning at Grand Park in Downtown Los Angeles

I spend a lot of time in Downtown Los Angeles. I have an office there; I worked in the jewelry district when I was younger, and I do most of my shopping at the fashion district. It’s also the place where I held my wedding reception.  We even named all the guests tables after Downtown Los Angeles street names. Let’s just say; it’s a big part of my life, and I love it. These days my favorite place to visit is Grand Park. I’ve been taking Ji there for the past year or so. They have many special events throughout the year, have a fun playground and a water fountain that doubles as a splash pad for the kids. It’s a perfect place for a fun day with the family. A couple of weeks ago we decided to spend our Sunday morning there.

Before heading to the park, we stopped at Ledlow for breakfast. We were quickly seated, and our food was delicious. I especially loved the pancakes that we ordered for Ji.

Ledlow Daddy and Me


Ledlow Table

 We then took a stroll down on Main Street to walk off our food and to show Ji where we held our wedding reception.

Main Street Daddy  and Me.jpg

20160410_110912Main Street OOTD2.jpgMain Street OOTD.jpgMain Street Mommy and Me

Six years ago we had our reception at the Old Farmers & Merchants bank. It is not typically a event space and mostly serves a backdrop  for film shoots and commercials.

Farmers Bank

After our walk, we drove a few blocks north to Grand Park. You won’t find street parking, but there is local lots on 1st and Temple that charge $10 for the entire day. You can also take the Metro and get dropped off right in the front steps of Grand Park! You can take  Red/Purple Line to the Civic Center/Grand Park stop.

City Hall

Grand Park Book Nook.jpg

Grand Park Reading

I grabbed a book from their Little Libraries nook and tried to read but it was too complicated for me! Either way, I relaxed while listening to the water fall in the background. Daddy and Ji were off running around. It was a bit chilly so the plan was to stay out of the water….

Music Center Courtyard

but over on the Music Center part of the park. It was too hard to resist….

Music Center Water Fountains.jpg

Music Center Mommy and Me.jpg

Music Center Statue

Ji had so much fun chasing water but we had one more stop! The playground! We just had to walk over to the car first and put on some dry warm  clothes.

City Hall Garden

I was having too much fun playing and watching Ji that I didn’t take any pictures of this part of the day but the playground is so cute and modern. It looks like a tree house and the floor of the playground is super soft. You’ll find the playground between Broadway and Spring Streets (closer to 1st Street).

Daddy and Me Playground

Grand Park is located at


Is there a place in L.A that you absolutely love to visit over and over? Do tell!


About Ji’s Outfit: Shirt and Shoes- Old Navy; Pants- Zara; Jacket Gap Kids.

Ledlow is located at the corner of 4th and Main Streets in Downtown, Los Angeles.

From East L.A to West L.A, Our Sunday at The Getty Center

East Los Angeles….

Our Sunday’s don’t ever start with a plan. I just want to get out of the house and get something yummy to eat, and we decide the actual plans over brunch. We usually don’t know where we are going to eat either. That’s decided in the driveway. Call us rebels. This Sunday, we kept it local. We headed over to a tiny hole in the wall place called, Tacos Virginia in East L.A. For those of you who are not from East L.A, the area may seem sketchy and you will miss the restaurant if you are not looking for it, but if you are open to an adventure, then I recommend this place.


Graciela was nice enough to let me watch and take a picture!


Upon entering the restaurant, you will find a packed house. Most people go there on the weekend to have Menudo with their delicious hand-made tortillas.  If you are looking for a home type of feel, this is your place. You will feel like you are eating at your tia’s house in Mexico. I ordered the chilaquiles in green sauce and ordered handmade tortillas for just $1 extra. They are huge! Ji loved them. She made herself a huge bean taco and devoured it.



Delicious Michelada


West Los Angeles…

We then headed over to the West Side of town thinking we were going to the beach. It was 86 degrees out. However,  the hubby drove to the Getty Center instead so that we can take advantage of a beautiful indoor space. Never actually sticking to our plans, we spent most of the time exploring the fantastic city views, their garden, and grassy area. As soon as we hit the grass, Ji took off her shoes and started running up and down. My heart melted just seeing her run around without a care in the world.



Most exhibits are for the entertainment of adults only, but they do have a family room. They also have an interactive program called ART DETECTIVE with treasure hunt cards. That activity is perfect for older kids and teens.  Ji had a lot of fun coloring, making masks and playing with other kids






Our Sunday was a lot of fun. We especially love them because it’s the only day of the week that we get to spend all day together.


What’s your favorite day of the week?!

More about our Sunday below:
Virginia’s Tacos: $25.04 , Getty Entrance Fee: $0, Parking Fee: $15, Snacks: $8
Total for a family of 3: $49.
Tacos Virginia  is located at: 4081 Whittier Blvd, East Los Angeles, CA
The Getty Center is located at: 1200 Getty Center Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90049
About Ji’ s outfit: Dress from Puebla, Mexico. Shoes from Zacatecas, Mexico. Bow: Claire’s.




Hollywood Style Popples Party

Last week, I had the privilege to work outside my home. Ji and I were invited to celebrate the second season of the Netflix original series Popples, at the super trendy Lombardi House, a fully restored Victorian-style farmhouse in the heart of Hollywood. I don’t know if I was more excited to be in such an awesome venue or the fact that I would have the opportunity to bump elbows with  special guest host Soleil Moon Frye along with Molly Sims, Jamie-Lynn Sigler and YouTube sensation Megan Nicole.



If you are not an 80s kid like I am, I’ll give you the rundown on Popples now!  Based on the popular 1980’s toy line and TV series, the loveable Popples have been re-imagined for today’s generation of kids with a brand-new animated series and toy line.



We enjoyed fun lawn games, dancing, face painting, crafts and cake pop decorating while enjoying sweet treats like Dippin’ Dots!   Everything about the event was super fun and colorful.



You can catch season 2 of Popples on



Ji and I really enjoyed our mommy and me work date. We hope to do it again very soon!



Lombardi House is located at 1717 Bronson Ave, Los Angeles CA, 90028 and offers guest apartments and  is also perfect for special events. I personally want to live there!









Luxurious Beach House Daycation For Just $12

Have you ever wanted to spend a luxurious day at the beach without the crowds? If you are a daydreamer like me, then you have probably fantasized about owning a beach house. I typically have those dreams while driving down the coast admiring the mansions that sit alongside the ocean. I don’t have millions to spend, but luckily I have found a community beach house in Santa Monica where it would cost as little as $12 a day to enjoy. Yes, $12 a day!


The community beach house is just a few steps away from the ocean, and we got to enjoy the cliché walk on the beach while the sun was setting

The house is a well kept Los Angeles secret, but I found out about it last Winter and have been looking forward to taking my family there.  When Summer arrived, I decided to start planning our trip and thought that I would create an itinerary for the day! However, my husband had other plans and on Tuesday afternoon came home announcing that we were taking a day trip. With 5 minutes to prepare, I grabbed beach necessities and instructed my husband to drive to the Annenberg Community Beach House in Santa Monica.

We quickly found on-site parking upon arriving and hurried over to enter the pool. We thought we would spend the entire day there but when my daughter spotted the splash pad, our plans changed. The pad was small but, for the most part, she had it all to herself, and we liked that although it was later in the day, the water splashing out of the fountains was warm.   My husband and I had the option to sit under the umbrellas, grab lawn chairs or sit in the green grassy area. We chose the chairs right in front of the splash pad, and although we weren’t getting wet, we had just as much fun watching our baby play.


Below are more details about our trip!

Because I didn’t have time to pack snacks we had to purchase a small meal at the on-site cafe. It was yummy! We opted for carry out and enjoyed a burger on the trendy patio furniture.   I can’t remember if they sell alcohol, but the place is also a perfect setting for an inexpensive dinner and wine date with the hubby.


I’m a sucker for anything with history and my favorite part of the day was the free docent-led tour of the Marion Davis guesthouse located right next door. If you don’t know who Marion Davis is, she was an actress better known for hosting lavish parties for Hollywood royalty. It was so much fun being in her guesthouse and envisioning the soirees that took place in the 1930’s.


Had I packed a lunch we would have only spent $12 to enjoy a whole day of activities.   We laid, we swam, we ate, we walked, and we even danced! Not too bad for a last minute trip. In my opinion, this is the type of place that you either want to share with the entire world or keep it a secret! I’ve decided to share it with you. Do you have a special place in Southern Cali that you think I would enjoy?

Dime por favor and I might feature it here!
Nos vemos en la playa,

-L.A Mamacita

Parking:  $3 per hour or $12 for the entire day.
Fun Facts: The Marion Davis Guest house and other facilities can be rented out for special events!
So Cool: If you prefer to lay on the sand, canopies are available for free on a first-come first-served basis. Volleyball courts, a playground and a recreational center are also available for use.
Price: All amenities are FREE except for the swimming pool. The price is $10 for adults and $4 for children;  Mondays you swim for only $1!
Address: The Annenberg Community Beach House is located at 415 Pacific Coast Highway, Santa Monica