Under The Sea Party in Los Angeles

Summer is here and it’s time for fun water theme parties! I found a park in Los Angeles that I think would be great place to host an under the sea theme party for kids. It has fun colorful sea creature slides and has a shade with benches near by for your guests. I’ve been wanting to share this find with you for a while now, and with the release of Finding Dory, now is the perfect timing. So if your kids have a Summer birthday, want a mermaid party, pirate party, or sea themed party, this is the perfect place in Los Angeles to host it at!

Unfortunately, I did not have my camera on my the last time I visited but I hope these phone pictures will do.

Whale Slide at Laguna San Gabriel Park in Los Angeles. Perfect for under the sea kids party.
The girls couldn’t wait to slide down the giant whale!
Under The Sea Party12
Whale Slide at Laguna San Gabriel park perfect for Under The Sea theme party

Snail slide at Laguna San Gabriel playground in Los Angeles. Perfect for Under The Sea Party

Under The Sea Party6

We have taken two daytrips to this park and it’s definitely a hidden gem. We have been the only guests in the playground both times!

Sea Creature Slide at Laguna San Gabriel Park in Los Angeles. Great for kids party.

Under The Sea Creature Slide perfect for kids party

The slides are few decades old (built in 1965) and some of the stairs to get up to top are a bit steep. There are signs asking parents to be cautious. It’s the perfect excuse to be a big kid!

Red Dolphin slide at the Laguna San Gabriel playground in Los Angeles. Perfect place for an under the sea theme kids party.

Pirate slide at Laguna San Gabriel playground in Los Angeles. Perfect spot to host a kids sea theme party.
Little Pirates having a blast exploring this hidden gem!

Aren’t all these colorful sea creature slides perfect for a Summer party?!

Under The Sea Party5

Laguna San Gabriel Park Benches

These benches are a few feet away from the sea themed playground. However,  there are tables and benches with a better  view of the playground for smaller parties.

Laguna San Gabriel Park in Los Angeles

The sea themed playground is located at Laguna De San Gabriel  at Vincent Lugo Park in San Gabriel, CA. You can find the park at the Corner of Wells and Ramona streets, San Gabriel. (626) 308-2875, friendsoflalaguna.org.

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A Sunday Morning at Grand Park in Downtown Los Angeles

I spend a lot of time in Downtown Los Angeles. I have an office there; I worked in the jewelry district when I was younger, and I do most of my shopping at the fashion district. It’s also the place where I held my wedding reception.  We even named all the guests tables after Downtown Los Angeles street names. Let’s just say; it’s a big part of my life, and I love it. These days my favorite place to visit is Grand Park. I’ve been taking Ji there for the past year or so. They have many special events throughout the year, have a fun playground and a water fountain that doubles as a splash pad for the kids. It’s a perfect place for a fun day with the family. A couple of weeks ago we decided to spend our Sunday morning there.

Before heading to the park, we stopped at Ledlow for breakfast. We were quickly seated, and our food was delicious. I especially loved the pancakes that we ordered for Ji.

Ledlow Daddy and Me


Ledlow Table

 We then took a stroll down on Main Street to walk off our food and to show Ji where we held our wedding reception.

Main Street Daddy  and Me.jpg

20160410_110912Main Street OOTD2.jpgMain Street OOTD.jpgMain Street Mommy and Me

Six years ago we had our reception at the Old Farmers & Merchants bank. It is not typically a event space and mostly serves a backdrop  for film shoots and commercials.

Farmers Bank

After our walk, we drove a few blocks north to Grand Park. You won’t find street parking, but there is local lots on 1st and Temple that charge $10 for the entire day. You can also take the Metro and get dropped off right in the front steps of Grand Park! You can take  Red/Purple Line to the Civic Center/Grand Park stop.

City Hall

Grand Park Book Nook.jpg

Grand Park Reading

I grabbed a book from their Little Libraries nook and tried to read but it was too complicated for me! Either way, I relaxed while listening to the water fall in the background. Daddy and Ji were off running around. It was a bit chilly so the plan was to stay out of the water….

Music Center Courtyard

but over on the Music Center part of the park. It was too hard to resist….

Music Center Water Fountains.jpg

Music Center Mommy and Me.jpg

Music Center Statue

Ji had so much fun chasing water but we had one more stop! The playground! We just had to walk over to the car first and put on some dry warm  clothes.

City Hall Garden

I was having too much fun playing and watching Ji that I didn’t take any pictures of this part of the day but the playground is so cute and modern. It looks like a tree house and the floor of the playground is super soft. You’ll find the playground between Broadway and Spring Streets (closer to 1st Street).

Daddy and Me Playground

Grand Park is located at


Is there a place in L.A that you absolutely love to visit over and over? Do tell!


About Ji’s Outfit: Shirt and Shoes- Old Navy; Pants- Zara; Jacket Gap Kids.

Ledlow is located at the corner of 4th and Main Streets in Downtown, Los Angeles.