My Second Time Mother Anxiety


I have been experiencing a lot of anxiety with this second pregnancy, so I thought writing about it could help me feel a little better. It’s not the taking care of another baby that’s giving me the anxiety but the possibility of something going wrong that has me just a bit terrified. Perhaps, it’s because there is more at stake now. I now have a toddler who adores her mama and the thought of not being the best mom I could be, for both her and the new baby, well, scares me.

What if something goes wrong? Again.

Without writing all about Ji’s birth story (I think that deserves a post of its own), I ‘ll say that it wasn’t a very pleasant experience. About an hour after I had given birth to Ji, I felt an overwhelming pain and heavy sensation down under. It turns out; I had developed two hematomas. There was lots of bleeding, and it was very complicated for the doctor to control both at the same time. I was rushed to the O.R as I was losing a lot of blood. It was about 12 hours later that I finally got to see my baby again. I survived the hematomas but what if I can’t survive a complication a second time? I would hate for something like this or worse to happen again. I have my two kids to think of now, and it would break my heart to leave them without a mommy.

18 Weeks. A reflection walk after our second trimester anatomy scan.


Postpartum Depression? Can it happen to me?

Because I lost a lot of blood after Ji’s birth and refused a blood transfusion, I felt very weak for the first month and a half. I also missed my old life. I had worked up to 70 hours a week up until two days before she was born and now I was ordered to not leave the house for a month. The doctor didn’t want to risk me getting into an accident and losing more blood. I knew that it would a month or so before I felt better and I cried a lot just hoping the 30 days would quickly pass by. I knew why I was sad, but now I fear that I will be sad for no reason at all.

What if the baby gets sick?

My biggest fear is for a newborn to get sick. Like, get a cold, the flu, pneumonia sick. When I was planning to try to have another baby, I wanted to get pregnant in the Summer so that I would have a Spring baby. Spring babies are less exposed to flu and cold season. December babies are not. Did I tell you Ji goes to daycare now and that there are like ten little kids in my family? And that some of m family members like to kiss newborns in the mouth? The thought of my unborn December baby getting sick is already giving me anxiety. Their immune system has not yet developed and I know that there is very little we can give them to make them feel better during their first weeks of life should they get sick.

When I was pregnant with my first, I knew nothing about being a parent. I have experience now; I know what can happen good or bad. It may also be because I’m older. I know that my friends in their twenty something’s although amazing moms too, worry a little less, and I envy them. I can’t go back in time and have kids at an earlier age but I want to worry less! So how can I worry less?

I have a plan!

11 Months Old. Ji got sick for the very first time the next day. She got an ear infection. I had been letting her hold her own bottle and I didn’t realize the milk was dripping down to her ear. I will NEVER make that mistake again!


What if something goes wrong? Again.

This time around, I will be more in control of my birth experience. I will speak up! I’m also planning on having doula with me through the whole process. Knowing that someone will be there to be my advocate makes me feel better already. I’m also switching care provider and hospital. I’ve done my research and feel confident that I will have a better team my side!

Postpartum Depression? Can it happen to me?

I understand that postpartum depression is very real and also very common. I’ve gathered lots of resources and know that I should speak up if I feel I need help. There is nothing to be ashamed of.

What if the baby gets sick?

You know those hospital signs that say, if you feel sick, have a cold or cough visit us another day? Where can I buy one of those? I will have no shame in hurting someone’s feelings and gently letting them know to come back another time. You know you are sick so stay away! Tdap vaccine, anyone?

So there. I’ve let out all my anxieties about having another little one. I hope I don’t sound too crazy. I’m curious to know what anxieties did you have about having a child or are having now? Let’s support each other!


A Sunday Morning at Grand Park in Downtown Los Angeles

I spend a lot of time in Downtown Los Angeles. I have an office there; I worked in the jewelry district when I was younger, and I do most of my shopping at the fashion district. It’s also the place where I held my wedding reception.  We even named all the guests tables after Downtown Los Angeles street names. Let’s just say; it’s a big part of my life, and I love it. These days my favorite place to visit is Grand Park. I’ve been taking Ji there for the past year or so. They have many special events throughout the year, have a fun playground and a water fountain that doubles as a splash pad for the kids. It’s a perfect place for a fun day with the family. A couple of weeks ago we decided to spend our Sunday morning there.

Before heading to the park, we stopped at Ledlow for breakfast. We were quickly seated, and our food was delicious. I especially loved the pancakes that we ordered for Ji.

Ledlow Daddy and Me


Ledlow Table

 We then took a stroll down on Main Street to walk off our food and to show Ji where we held our wedding reception.

Main Street Daddy  and Me.jpg

20160410_110912Main Street OOTD2.jpgMain Street OOTD.jpgMain Street Mommy and Me

Six years ago we had our reception at the Old Farmers & Merchants bank. It is not typically a event space and mostly serves a backdrop  for film shoots and commercials.

Farmers Bank

After our walk, we drove a few blocks north to Grand Park. You won’t find street parking, but there is local lots on 1st and Temple that charge $10 for the entire day. You can also take the Metro and get dropped off right in the front steps of Grand Park! You can take  Red/Purple Line to the Civic Center/Grand Park stop.

City Hall

Grand Park Book Nook.jpg

Grand Park Reading

I grabbed a book from their Little Libraries nook and tried to read but it was too complicated for me! Either way, I relaxed while listening to the water fall in the background. Daddy and Ji were off running around. It was a bit chilly so the plan was to stay out of the water….

Music Center Courtyard

but over on the Music Center part of the park. It was too hard to resist….

Music Center Water Fountains.jpg

Music Center Mommy and Me.jpg

Music Center Statue

Ji had so much fun chasing water but we had one more stop! The playground! We just had to walk over to the car first and put on some dry warm  clothes.

City Hall Garden

I was having too much fun playing and watching Ji that I didn’t take any pictures of this part of the day but the playground is so cute and modern. It looks like a tree house and the floor of the playground is super soft. You’ll find the playground between Broadway and Spring Streets (closer to 1st Street).

Daddy and Me Playground

Grand Park is located at


Is there a place in L.A that you absolutely love to visit over and over? Do tell!


About Ji’s Outfit: Shirt and Shoes- Old Navy; Pants- Zara; Jacket Gap Kids.

Ledlow is located at the corner of 4th and Main Streets in Downtown, Los Angeles.

November Family Fun {A Calendar of Free Los Angeles Events!}

I can’t believe November is already here. This year has flown by but I’m excited for all of the fun Holiday events in the city. That mean Christmas is right around the corner and the shopping will soon begin. That’s why, all the events listed here are FREE. Are you excited for a special event is your city?

20151010_121252 (3)

Saturday, November 14th

Event: Pop Mania! at Japanese American Museum

Details: A day of pop culture-themed activities in honor of Giant Robot Biennale 4.

Time: 11AM-4PM

More Info

Event: Jurassic Park at Palisades Library

Details: Take a break with a screening of the 4th installment of the “Jurassic Park” franchise

Time: 1PM

More Info

Event: Art Projects at Reyes Adobes

Details: Hands on activities for kids 3-8

Time: 1:30-3:30PM

More Info

Event: Debbie Allen Academy Presents: Hot Chocolate Nutcracker  at Baldwin Hills Crenshaw

Details: Artistic ‘twist’ with modern spin filled with original music, dance routines and soul!

Time: 2PM

More Info

Friday, November 20th

Event: Jazzed and Motivated in Watts

Details: Kick off your shoes and let your body sway to one of Brazil’s most popular cultural expressions – the samba! Viver Brasil Dance Company will help you pick up the rhythms and movements of this lively dance -After the JAM Session, stay for movie night, a free community event honoring WLCAC’s 50 years of service. Movie starts at 8:00 p.m. with discussion to follow

Time: 6:30PM

More Info

Saturday, November 21st

Event: Art Workshop with Nzuji de Magahlahaes at Cal African American Museum

Details: Learn how to combine yarn & paint to make one-of-a-kind, colorful art

Time: 1PM-3PM

More Info

Event: Navajo Tribe Dances and Stories at the LA County Library in Downtown

Details: Ben Hale, a member of the Navajo tribe from Arizona, introduces a variety of dances & stories from tribes across North America

Time: 2PM

Event: Thanksgiving at the Thousand Oaks Library

Details: Bring the family & learn the real facts about the voyage of the Mayflower & the First Thanksgiving from a descendant of one of the original Mayflower families: Robert Dempster

Time: 2PM

More Info

Sunday, November 22nd

Event: One Wise Man ‘ A Holiday Cantata

Details: Theatre

Time: 4PM-5PM

 More Info

Saturday, November 28th

Event: Powwow at Cal State Northridge

Details: 32nd Annual Powwow promises American Indian dance & music, children’s craft activities, arts & crafts vendors, & frybread!

Time: 10AM

More Info

Event: Butterflies at Dominguez Rancho Adobe

Details: Help the museum track the monarch butterflies in the monarch butterfly garden and surrounding gardens

Time: 12PM-2PM

More Info

Event: JAM Session at Debs Park

Details:Old Time String Band Jam Session: Listen & dance to local musicians strum Appalachian-style fiddle & banjo tunes


More Info

Event: Kids’ Club at 7th & Fig

Details: Autumn Art: Use fall foliage as the inspiration in decorating a ceramic tile

Time: 2PM-4PM

More Info

Sunday, November 29th

Event: Hollywood Holiday Parade

Details: The 84th Hollywood Christmas Parade steps out headed by Grand Marshals Penn & Teller, with marching bands, equestrian groups, characters, floats, & a gigantic red carpet.

From Hollywood Blvd at Orange, East to Vine, South to Sunset, West to Orange

Time: 5PM

More Info

THE GOOD DINOSAUR in theaters Thanksgiving 2015-Free Printables, too!


I’m excited for Thanksgiving day to come for two reasons. Reason #1: The delicious food. Reason #2: Disney Pixar is releasing THE GOOD DINOSAUR, which will make for a fun filled family day!


If you haven’t heard about it yet, here is they synopsis.

“The Good Dinosaur” asks the question: What if the asteroid that forever changed life on Earth missed the planet completely and giant dinosaurs never became extinct? Pixar Animation Studios takes you on an epic journey into the world of dinosaurs where an Apatosaurus named Arlo (voice of Raymond Ochoa) makes an unlikely human friend. While traveling through a harsh and mysterious landscape, Arlo learns the power of confronting his fears and discovers what he is truly capable of.

Check out the trailer!

Super cute, right?



I have a feeling Disney just created another amazing duo and it made me think of other classic pairs like,

Father and Son/Daughter duos…



King Triton might the strictest parent of them all but deep down, you know he loves Ariel and always seeks to protect her. Humans are dangerous! Do you think I would want to see my youngest daughter snared by some fish eater’s hook

Maurice & Belle
Although sometimes a little random, Maurice always seeks to encourage Belle’s creativity and her desire of knowledge. “My daughter, ‘odd’? Huh, where were you getting an idea like that?”
Mufasa and Simba
There has been no better and wiser father than Mufasa who gave up his life to protect his son. “Simba, let me tell you something my father told me. Look at the stars. The great kings of the past look down on us from those stars. So whenever you feel alone, just remember that those kings will always be there to guide you. And so will I.” 
Chief only wants the best for Pocahontas and always protected her. My daughter speaks with a wisdom beyond her years. We have all come here with anger in our hearts but she comes with courage and understanding. From this day forward if there is to be more killing it will not start with me.”
MULAN (1998)
Fa Zhou would have fought for China in order to save and honor his family, because of those values, Mulan was able to do the same. “The greatest gift and honor is having you for a daughter.”
Perhaps the most adventurous of all parents, crossed the entire ocean to find his little boy, Marlin defied all odds to find Nemo. “I promise I’ll never let anything happen to you, Nemo”
lovable duos from Pixar we have grown to adore. Do you recognize these cave paintings?
Toystory monstersinc rat cars UPI just know that my little cavebaby is going to love this movie! She’s already getting familiar with the characters through activity and coloring sheets. Well, she mostly scribbles…  But, I’m attaching  good-dino-memory_cards, good-dino_coloring_pages AND good-dino_hexaflexagon, for your little ones to enjoy as well!

5 Free & Fun Activities You Must Do This Weekend

Do you ever wish you can be in two places at the same time? I wish I could be all over L.A this weekend. I’ve picked 5 places that are offering Free Fun Activities to share with my readers. Did I mention that they are FREE? All of these are sure to be a hit with the kids and I want to go to all of them!

See you there…somewhere.


Saturday, October 10th

Event: Kids Craft Day at FIDM Museum

Details: Your little fashionistas will create spooky crafts while being inspired by the museums unique exhibitions

Time: 11AM-1PM


Event: JANM Free Family Days: What’s Cookin’

Details: A day of food and fun with a green/sustainability theme

Time: 11AM-4PM


Event: Felt Finger Puppets at 7th & Fig

Details: The kiddies will be able to make their very own monsters, bats, ghosts, cats, or pumpkin puppets.

Time: 2PM-4PM


Event: Grand Ave Arts

Details: Open rehearsals, architecture tours, museum exhibitions, performances, food and drink, and kids film screenings. Grab the whole crew to take a peek behind-the-scenes for the ultimate Los Angeles field trip



Sunday, October 11th

Event: Los Angeles Ballet Community Day

Details: Ballet classes, alternative dance/fitness classes, and lectures/demonstrations

Time: 9AM-3PM (check schedule for specific class times)


Hello October-Free Events

Hello, October! Fall is here and the Holidays are just around the corner, so we all need to save money right? Take advantage of all of the FREE events that are happening around the city! I’ve listed my favorites below. See you there!


Saturday, October 3rd

Event: Adobe Days (Also Sunday, October 4th)

Featuring: Kids will experience adobe life with activities like tortilla grinding, fishing, drum circles. The event will also offer a petting zoo, arts and crafts, pony rides and more!

Location: Reyes Adobe Days in Agoura Hills

Time: 11AM-4PM

More Info

Event: Heritage Festival & Street Fair in Gardena

Featuring: Multi-Cultural Entertainment, Kiddie Rides, Give-a-ways, Petting Zoo & Reptile Farm, Food trucks & vendors, Craft sales & More!

Location: Civic Center Lawn & 162nd Street

Time: 9AM-3PM

More Info

Event:2015 Akimatsuri Fall Festival in West Covina

Featuring: Food, Games, ONDO Dancing, Martial Arts and More!

Location: East San Gabriel Valley Japanese Community Center

Time: 12PM-8PM

More Info

Event: “Outrageous Orange” Creation Station at Rancho Los Cerritos

Featuring: Seasonal themed craft activities for kids 6-11

Location: Rancho Los Cerritos, 4600 Virginia Rd, Long Beach

Time: 1PM-4PM

More Info

Event: Ticket To The Twenties (Also Sunday, October 4th)

Featuring: Roaring Twenties music, dancing, silent films, crafts, historic house tours, games, demonstrations, and more!

Location: Homestead Museum in City of Industry

Time: 3PM-7PM

More Info

Sunday, October 4th

Event: Barnsdall Arts Sundays

Featuring: Native American Dream Catcher and Basket Weaving

Location: Barnsdall Park in East Hollywood

Time: 10AM-12PM

More Info

Event: Meet Don Cheto at Crenshaw Plaza

Featuring: Kids crafts, music and dancing, give aways and more!

Location: Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza

Time: 1PM-3PM

More Info

Event: Ticket To The Twenties (Also Saturday, October 3rd)

Featuring: Roaring Twenties music, dancing, silent films, crafts, historic house tours, games, demonstrations, and more!

Location: Homestead Museum in City of Industry

Time: 3PM-7PM

More Info

Event: Adobe Days (Also Saturday, October 3rd)

Featuring: Kids will experience adobe life with activities like tortilla grinding, fishing, drum circles. The event will also offer a petting zoo, arts and crafts, pony rides and more!

Location: Reyes Adobe Days in Agoura Hills

Time: 11AM-4PM

More Info