Under The Sea Party in Los Angeles

Summer is here and it’s time for fun water theme parties! I found a park in Los Angeles that I think would be great place to host an under the sea theme party for kids. It has fun colorful sea creature slides and has a shade with benches near by for your guests. I’ve been wanting to share this find with you for a while now, and with the release of Finding Dory, now is the perfect timing. So if your kids have a Summer birthday, want a mermaid party, pirate party, or sea themed party, this is the perfect place in Los Angeles to host it at!

Unfortunately, I did not have my camera on my the last time I visited but I hope these phone pictures will do.

Whale Slide at Laguna San Gabriel Park in Los Angeles. Perfect for under the sea kids party.
The girls couldn’t wait to slide down the giant whale!
Under The Sea Party12
Whale Slide at Laguna San Gabriel park perfect for Under The Sea theme party

Snail slide at Laguna San Gabriel playground in Los Angeles. Perfect for Under The Sea Party

Under The Sea Party6

We have taken two daytrips to this park and it’s definitely a hidden gem. We have been the only guests in the playground both times!

Sea Creature Slide at Laguna San Gabriel Park in Los Angeles. Great for kids party.

Under The Sea Creature Slide perfect for kids party

The slides are few decades old (built in 1965) and some of the stairs to get up to top are a bit steep. There are signs asking parents to be cautious. It’s the perfect excuse to be a big kid!

Red Dolphin slide at the Laguna San Gabriel playground in Los Angeles. Perfect place for an under the sea theme kids party.

Pirate slide at Laguna San Gabriel playground in Los Angeles. Perfect spot to host a kids sea theme party.
Little Pirates having a blast exploring this hidden gem!

Aren’t all these colorful sea creature slides perfect for a Summer party?!

Under The Sea Party5

Laguna San Gabriel Park Benches

These benches are a few feet away from the sea themed playground. However,  there are tables and benches with a better  view of the playground for smaller parties.

Laguna San Gabriel Park in Los Angeles

The sea themed playground is located at Laguna De San Gabriel  at Vincent Lugo Park in San Gabriel, CA. You can find the park at the Corner of Wells and Ramona streets, San Gabriel. (626) 308-2875, friendsoflalaguna.org.

Check out my Pinterest Board for décor ideas and inspiration!







Alice Through The Looking Glass Review and Party Decor Inspiration

Alice Through The Looking Glass was everything I expected it to be. It was quirky, funny, had amazing costumes and of course full of inspirational quotes. I especially loved Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter and Sacha Baron who plays the entity Time! My two-year-old sat through the entire movie (with 3d glasses and all!) and laughed most of the time. I don’t think she understood the storyline, but she definitely enjoyed all of the creatures that live in the fantastical world of Underland. The White Rabbit (Michael Sheen), the Cheshire Cat (Stephen Fry), the dormouse (Barbara Windsor), the March Hare (Paul Whitehouse) and the Tweedles (Matt Lucas). It’s an inspirational movie that the whole family will enjoy!


You cannot change the past. It always was. It always will be.

Although I dare say, you might learn something from it….



~The Spectacular Adventure~

Alice Kingsleigh (Mia Wasikowska) has spent the past three years living her dream and sailing the high seas as captain of her own ship. Upon her return to London, she finds that, while much has changed in her absence, the antiquated views as to women’s role in society still remain and that the future she envisioned for herself may no longer be possible. While attending a reception at the home of Lord Ascot, Alice is overcome with emotions and storms out of the party and spots Absolem (Alan Rickman). Now a blue Monarch butterfly, Absolem leads Alice to a magical looking glass, through which she is able to return to the fantastical realm of Underland.

Unbirthday Party Décor Inspiration

A few months ago one of my best friends threw an unbirthday party for her two kids. She was going to be moving out of state and wanted to have a birthday celebration for both of the girls with friends and family. I absolutely loved all of the little details!









Ji was REALLY feeling the treats….




Everything about the décor was colorful and creative. The hostess also mentioned that she found all of the little trinkets at second hand stores. Creative and thrifty!


Disney’s “Alice Through the Looking Glass,” which is presented in Digital 3D™, Real D 3D and IMAX® 3D, opens in U.S. theaters on May 27, 2016.



Hollywood Style Popples Party

Last week, I had the privilege to work outside my home. Ji and I were invited to celebrate the second season of the Netflix original series Popples, at the super trendy Lombardi House, a fully restored Victorian-style farmhouse in the heart of Hollywood. I don’t know if I was more excited to be in such an awesome venue or the fact that I would have the opportunity to bump elbows with  special guest host Soleil Moon Frye along with Molly Sims, Jamie-Lynn Sigler and YouTube sensation Megan Nicole.



If you are not an 80s kid like I am, I’ll give you the rundown on Popples now!  Based on the popular 1980’s toy line and TV series, the loveable Popples have been re-imagined for today’s generation of kids with a brand-new animated series and toy line.



We enjoyed fun lawn games, dancing, face painting, crafts and cake pop decorating while enjoying sweet treats like Dippin’ Dots!   Everything about the event was super fun and colorful.



You can catch season 2 of Popples on Netflix.com



Ji and I really enjoyed our mommy and me work date. We hope to do it again very soon!



Lombardi House is located at 1717 Bronson Ave, Los Angeles CA, 90028 and offers guest apartments and  is also perfect for special events. I personally want to live there!









Cupcake Family Fun! + { Review of Princess and Me Parties}

About a month ago I had the privilege to watch CINDERELLA before it was released on DVD. I made a day of it and got all my cousins and their babies together to host a Cinderella themed Cupcake Party. I was previously in contact with Ali, owner of Princess and Me Parties regarding a free one hour party in exchange for my honest review of her services. Having her come to our party was the perfect occasion!

Cupcake Time!
Cupcake Time!

If you know me, you know that I’m all for keeping the kids entertained.  Redundant as it may sound,  growing up in a Mexican family, the pinata and cake usually come last. Keeping the kids entertained comes after all the tia’s and compadres have eaten, even though it may have already been hours since the party started. I’m the total opposite. If you are my guest, then I encourage you to make yourself at home, fill your tummy but the kids having lots of fun is my priority and perfect excuse to plan fun parties.

Princess and Me Parties

The booking process was super easy. You fill out a form with all the information (party date, the character you are requesting, time, address, the number of kids who will be in attendance, etc.). I love in person and over the phone communication, but this process eliminates any room for miscommunication. Ali even sent a picture of the princess I requested to make sure we were on the same page. I requested modern Cinderella and having classic Cinderella show up would have been devastating! Yes, I’m that crazy mom who wants everything to be perfect.

Dancing with Cinderella

Dance time!
Dance time!

On the day of the party, everything went smoothly. I had booked Cinderella for 5PM and at 4:59 PM on the dot guess who came walking through the driveway to our party? Cinderella! Right on time. All of the girls ran up to her, and she made them smile right from the start. She read a story to them, painted their faces, brought coloring pages to keep those waiting in line entertained, danced, and even took the time to take individual pictures with all of them.  I have to commend her for handling all those crazy toddlers! She was professional, sweet and just made the party.

Princess and Me Parties Face Painting

Hugs with Cinderella

Planning a party is time-consuming, hosting a party is stressful and can get expensive. My advice is to spend a little less time and money on trying to make the adults happy and hire entertainment for the kids! Our Cinderella Cupcake Party wouldn’t have been the same without Cinderella as the guest of honor.

Group Picture with Cinderella

So next time you have the opportunity to hang with your family, make a whole event out of it. Pick a theme, a color, a food! The options are endless. And, don’t forget the entertainment for the kids!

For more information and character options, visit their website at PrincessAndMeParties.com.

Follow them on Instagram & Facebook.