Laughs and Inspiration with the cast of Captain Underpants

Warning: If you take your kids to see Captain Underpants they will have two new favorite words. POOPY PANTS! They will also giggle like crazy and it will remind you that life is all about having fun!

I talked all things Captain Underpants with the cast Kevin Hart, Ed Helms, Thomas Middleditch and the team behind the movie: Director David Soren, Creator Dav Pilkey and producer Mireille Soria. It was so much fun to be able to pick the brains of these funny and creative people!

Captain Underpants Film Crew

LAM: I’m involved with an agency that provides creative arts mentoring to youth. Dav did you have a mentor who helped you with your comics growing up?

Dav Pilkey: I did not. What I had was a lot of energy and behavioral problems. They did not have a name for it then but it’s ADHD. I used all of that energy and used it to create comic books.

LAM: Let’s talk life. My husband asked if I get nervous coming to these interviews. Of course I do. Kevin, you sell out football stadiums! Is there anything in life that still makes you nervous?

Kevin Hart:  I don’t get nervous (long pause)…. I’m a big deal (long pause)…… No, of course! At the end of the day nervous energy is good energy! It’s excitement. There are tons of things I still get excited about. I’m about to have another baby. I’m nervous about that! My sperm is working!  We have a movie opening. I’m nervous and excited about that! 

and then he looked at me and spoke in such an inspiring way. Honestly you guys his energy is AMAZING!!!

Kevin Hart: Life is amazing and you should take advantage of what’s given to you! I think some people spend a lot of time focusing on what you don’t have instead of realizing what you do. I think it’s so dope that I’m responsible for bringing joy to peoples lives and I smile at. If I can make people smile, I’m making the world better in my own way. That my outlook. That’s what keeps me going!

How similar are you to your characters?

Ed HelmsVery similar. I’m upset that I’m clothed right now. (everyone laughs)

What do you hope families walk out of the theatre feeling?

Thomas Middleditch: If you are a fan of the books and if anyone is a fan of the books, I hope they think it’s a great rendition of the book. If we get the stamp of approval from Captain Underpants fans that would be great!

These interviews flew by. The time went by SO fast because we were just laughing the whole time.

Captain Underpants arrives to theatres on Friday, June 2nd. Go watch it Poopy Pants!






Hollywood Style Popples Party

Last week, I had the privilege to work outside my home. Ji and I were invited to celebrate the second season of the Netflix original series Popples, at the super trendy Lombardi House, a fully restored Victorian-style farmhouse in the heart of Hollywood. I don’t know if I was more excited to be in such an awesome venue or the fact that I would have the opportunity to bump elbows with  special guest host Soleil Moon Frye along with Molly Sims, Jamie-Lynn Sigler and YouTube sensation Megan Nicole.



If you are not an 80s kid like I am, I’ll give you the rundown on Popples now!  Based on the popular 1980’s toy line and TV series, the loveable Popples have been re-imagined for today’s generation of kids with a brand-new animated series and toy line.



We enjoyed fun lawn games, dancing, face painting, crafts and cake pop decorating while enjoying sweet treats like Dippin’ Dots!   Everything about the event was super fun and colorful.



You can catch season 2 of Popples on



Ji and I really enjoyed our mommy and me work date. We hope to do it again very soon!



Lombardi House is located at 1717 Bronson Ave, Los Angeles CA, 90028 and offers guest apartments and  is also perfect for special events. I personally want to live there!