Do you believe in ghosts?

Do you believe in ghosts?

I do. Tales of El Cucuy, La Llorona and La Mano Peluda were all stories and scare tactics my Mexican mom used on me when I was growing up.

To this day, personal stories of encounters with ghosts and spirits are usually a topic brought up during family reunions and not once have I heard any of my family members doubt the legitimacy of the story. We all join the stories with No!  De veras? A poco?! We also tell our own. Like the time when I heard my little brother and sister knocking on the bathroom door asking to me to let them in but when I opened the door no one was home! Interestingly enough, I’ve never really been scared of the ghosts or spirits. Perhaps, I’m not scared because I can’t prove it 100% so why be scared of something that may or may not be real?

Paranormal Activity with Chris Chacon at Heritage Museum

Last week, I had the opportunity to meet Chris Chacon at a press event at The Heritage Museum in Pasadena. He is not only not scared of ghosts but is an experienced and knowledgeable researcher on the investigation and research of psychic and parapsychological phenomena, as well as an expert on mysticism, metaphysics and obscure occult practices and rituals. In other words, he’s a real life ghost hunter, who can tell you if the voice you heard, the shadow you saw or the cold breeze you felt is real ghost or not.  Hollywood comes running to him when they are in need of an expert to assist with the authenticity of their horror film storyline.

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY Press Day at Heritage Museum
Ghost Hunting with Chris Chacon
Ghost Hunting with Chris Chacon

Chacon has worked on films like, “THE EXORCIST”, “POLTERGEIST”, “CONSTANTINE” AND “PARANORMAL ACTIVITY” to name a few.  The movies we have all watched on the big screen probably all have Chacon’s input and now with Halloween right around the corner, we are about to witness another. Paramount is releasing the horrifying conclusion to the Paranormal Activity films titled the “GHOST DIMENSION.”


Chris gave me insight into his profession and not once did it feel like he was trying to convince anyone that ghosts do exist.  He only becomes involved in these rare cases when all physical, environmental, mental, or other explanations have already been ruled out.  So although rare, the stories that you see on the screen, have happened, could happen and are happening!

I got a little freaked out by that information, but not enough to stop this mommy from making October 23rd a date night with the hubby.

“PARANORAL ACTIVITY-THE GHOST DIMENSION” will be in theatres on October 23rd.

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See you at the movies!


  1. I definitely believe in ghosts! But I don’t think most ghosts are scary or evil. The house I grew up in was most certainly haunted by at least one ghost. As kids my brother and I both saw many unexplainable things, like a shoe that once tapped by itself in our bedroom closet while we were playing. When we got older our parents even told us stories of things they’d never wanted to tell us, like the time when my mom and us kids were out of town, my dad was home alone, and he heard an old radio in the attic turn on by itself, and when he came back downstairs, a picture had fallen off the wall in the living room!
    As an adult I started to trace the history of the house. I found out that the house was built by a man in 1930 who had helped build several houses in the neighborhood, and had built this final one to live in with his wife and two small children. In 1932 he committed suicide in the garage. It makes sense that he’s been hanging around all these years in the house he thinks is HIS because he built it!

    1. oh wow!!! How scary! Old houses definitely have interesting histories.

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