Shopping with an infant made easy: A Binxy Baby Review

I was given this product in exchange for my honest review.

I thought wearing Dahlia on a carrier would make my shopping trips run a little more smoothly but I found a product that makes it easier! If you haven’t heard about the Binxy Baby Hammock then you are not alone. More people need to know about the Binxy Baby Hammock!


Dahlia is at the age where she wants to explore her surroundings. I want her to see all the colors, textures, sounds and social activity going on around her. The Binxy Baby Hammock allows her to do that while we shop.


This cute invention comes in different colors and designs to fit your style. It fits standard shopping carts and can hold up to 50lbs and is perfect for babies who are not yet sitting up. We have about one more month of use but the low price was totally worth it. We will be definitely adding the Binxy Baby Hammock to our best babyshower gifts list!


Get Some Sleep with DockATot

This is a sponsored post. All opinions expressed are my own.


Ji was such an easy baby. She slept a lot during the day and slept through the night starting at seven weeks. My poor Dahlia wasn’t as fortunate the first few weeks because all she could take were five to ten-minute cat naps here and there.  She has a three-year-old big sister and our house isn’t exactly a mansion, so quiet time is very rare around here! I was sleepy and she was sleepy! Everyone kept telling me to sleep when she slept, but it wasn’t at all possible because she never slept…. Then, when she turned six weeks old, we received a DockATot to review and I was so excited! Would I finally get to take a nap?

I did!!! Dahlia took her first two-hour nap the first day we tried the DockATot.  I love it because it hugs the babies body and in my opinion mimics a mommy’s arms wrapped around them while they sleep. She slept so comfortably that I couldn’t believe it.

Baby sleeping in a dock a tot

So, what is a DockATot?  It’s a multi-functional lounger, co-sleeper, and playtime lounger. You can use it for nap time, to place baby in the bed with you and take with you on the road. As a matter of fact, we are planning on taking it with us on our first overnight trip to visit the grandparents. And, it’s not only for infants. It comes in two different sizes. We have the Deluxe for babies 0-8 months, and it also comes in Grand for kids 9-36 months old.  The best part is that it is breathable so if the baby were to turn, they would have plenty of room to breath!

My stylish mamas will also be pleased to hear that it comes in different colors and patterns. We are big fans of pastels, so we chose this pretty teal design.

Nowadays, Dahlia sleeps through the night in her crib. It’s nice and quite at night but during the day when it’s hectic and loud we definitely bring out the DockATot for napping, lounging and tummy time.

A happy baby means a happy mama! I definitely recommend this baby product if you have trouble getting your baby to nap, if you are looking for a safe co-sleeper or if you are looking for a unique baby shower gift.

If you have any questions regarding the DockATot let me know! I’ll be more than happy to answer your questions.









Finn+Emma Organic Baby Swag Review

They say that when your second baby comes around you are not as picky or concerned as you were with the first. Wrong! I want the best for my new baby just as much as I did with my first. I want them both to have the healthiest food, environment, clothes and even toys! I’m convinced that everything that they come in contact with has effects on their well-being. So, when I was given the opportunity to review organic and eco safe baby swag from Finn + Emma, I was very excited to do so!

I chose a long sleeve body suit, footed pants, a wood teething rattle, and headband to review. Everything totaled $76 and it included shipping!

The body suit and footed pants are size 0-3 months so they don’t fit my 5-week old yet. Actually, the footed pants are really long and probably won’t fit her until she’s 6-9 months but I don’t mind. The clothes are super soft and will be perfect for her to wear in whatever season we are in once she fits into them.

And, how fitting is the teething rattle! Perfect for a baby that will be taking a lot of photos for the gram! All of their wood toys are made from untreated Indian hardwood, finished with vegetable seed wax, and filled with little beans.

They also have a line of muslin blankets in bright beautiful colors, wooden play gyms and corresponding play mats.

If you want the best for your baby and are health and eco conscious check out Finn+ Emma!





First Month of Breastfeeding+Milk Snob Review

I was given Milk Snob cover in exchange for my honest review. All opinion expressed are my own.


I can’t believe it’s been one month since I gave birth! Soon, I will post Dahlia’s birth story which was everything I hoped it would be for but for now I wanted to give a quick update on how our first month of breastfeeding has been thus far.

I feel like I didn’t try hard enough with Ji so this time around I want to give it my all. I’m especially adamant about it since Dahlia is a Winter baby and there are lots of viruses going around that I don’t want her to catch. Yes, I’m that paranoid mom that doesn’t want their baby to get sick! I know that she will be even more exposed to germs since big sister is going to school now.

Week 1: Breastfeeding and First Growth Spurt!

The first few days of breastfeeding were great but then on day four my nipples started to crack, and I was in so much pain. I hadn’t realized she wasn’t latching on correctly and was I so ready to give up! The hubby was great and took me to see a lactation consultant. It made such a difference because while there, I sat on a chair and elevated my feet. I hadn’t been doing that at home, and I realized that it helped a lot.  Later that night, my husband went out for groceries and on a secret trip to Babies R Us. He is so sweet! He came back with different nipple shields for me to try to help relief the pain. He wasn’t going to let me give up! The shields were perfect because on day seven she started nursing every 45-50 minutes. She was going through her first growth spurt, and I could have never done it if I was still in pain. She eventually got her latch down on one breast, and it healed enough where I no longer needed to use the shield on both sides.

Keeping germs away at our first check-up with our Milk Snob cover

Week 2: Growth Spurt #2

I started feeling very confident about breastfeeding. I was no longer in pain and loved that I had enough milk supply to get her to sleep 2-3 hour stretches at night. She had another growth spurt on her 14th day birthday and ate by the hour, but even so, I was feeling back to normal and getting my energy levels back.  I even took Ji to the park a few times and nursed in public. I got this!

Week 3: Dahlia’s First Cold

Right when I thought I had this new life with two kids down my poor little newborn catches a cold. I was so nervous about it all week but thank goodness that even though she was congested and had a pretty bad cough she still nursed normally. This week I also noticed that one of my breasts was making an insane amount of milk and the other about half the amount. I started latching her on to one that makes the least milk in hopes that it got the message and started producing more. I’m not sure that it was such a great idea because week 4 got tough!


Week 4: Plugged Duct and Growth Spurt #3?!

Did I make a mistake by latching her on to the least productive breast first? She was feeding at one breast per session but now I’m using both and the one that soaked 3-4 nursing pads a day has not leaked at all! I feel so weak, I have the chills and I definitely caught a cold too. I also noticed that my most productive breast has some red streaks and feels engorged on one side. I started to suspect a plugged duct so I jumped into action and started using warm compresses and massaging the area  before each session. By morning I felt better but she started every 30-45 minutes for the next four days. Either my milk supply went down or she is experiencing another growth spurt. I’m thinking and hoping that it’s the latter!

Getting some much needed fresh air

Daddy Duties

Breastfeeding is one of the hardest things that I’ve ever had to do. It’s especially difficult when you are sleep deprived and have a three-year-old whose new favorite phrase is “I want” and has discovered tantrums. As difficult as it is, I don’t want to give up. I initially gave myself a short goal of six weeks, but after seeing how well and quickly my baby recovered from her first cold, I can’t help but see the benefits and want to continue for as long as possible. However, it has been a difficult first month filled with different physical and emotional feelings and as much as  I wish that I could end this post by saying that all is great and that I am going to continue until she one year old, our breastfeeding future will be foreseen on day by day basis. That’s all I can commit to right now, and I’m OK with that.

Do you have any breastfeeding tips for me? I would love to hear anything you have to share! It can be a quote, a supplement you took, your favorite nursing related product, position. Anything!

I’m currently loving the Milk Snob cover. The material is so soft and it comes in tons of different colors and patterns. You can use it as a nursing, carseat, shopping cart, high-chair and swing cover!





Back to School with Princess Elena

I can’t believe my soon to be three year old has already started her second semester in college. We enrolled her at an early education center at a local college and they go by semesters so technically it is her second semester, she’s just not in college YET. haha! She loves school and every week she has the responsibility to pack her backpack with essentials like a few changes of clothes, a blanket for nap time and other items depending on the assignment.  She’s little but her big girl Princess Elena backpack gifted to her by Disney is perfect for the job!


Elena of Avalor School Supplies.JPG

The front pocket is perfect for storing baby wipes 😉 The two side pockets carry her sippy cup and hand sanitizer. She goes to school but she’s still my baby!

Princess Elena of Avalor Backpack


She stuffed the inside with a warm blanky, three changes of clothes and plenty of snacks!


When she comes from home from school she asks, “where is Elena”? She’s her new best friend and she loves to dance and sing with her. If you twirl Elena’s hand she sings both “The Magic Within You ” and “My Time” from her hit TV show. The singing is definitely Ji’s favorite feature.

Mine and the hubby’s favorite is the Princess Elena backpack that secretly doubles as our toddler bag for everyday essentials when out and about.  I’m not the only parent that does this, right? 

Woke up on her first day of school to a fun surprise!


If your child is just as obsessed with Elena of Avalor or you are looking for a perfect gift, I do recommend the  Feature Doll Set that also includes Elena’s sister Isabel and a guitar, scepter, crown, earrings, bracelet, shoes and book!

What are your family’s favorite back to school items? Do tell!





My new favorite baby product: JOHNSON’S® Baby new HEAD-TO-TOE™ bath time washes, creams and cleansing cloths

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of JOHNSON’S® Baby. The opinions and text are all mine.

I want to tell you all about one of my new favorite baby products! It’s the JOHNSON’S® HEAD-TO-TOE™ Extra Moisturizing line with complementary HEAD-TO-TOE™ Baby Lotion, with vitamin E and baby oil and the new cleansing wipes.

New Johnson's Head-To-Toe Baby Lotion Line

I’m mentioning this because my little Ji started school just a little over a month ago, and our routine has changed since.  I pick her up after work and usually run to do a quick grocery store stop or other daily errands with her.  We then go home and get started on dinner and because we don’t spend all day together anymore, her daily bath is a vital part of our time together.  We play, splash and talk about her day at school.  Once her bath is over, she gets a massage while she drinks her nighttime cup of milk. Oh, the life!

New Johnson's Head-To-Toe Baby Wash BathTime

New Johnson's Head-To-Toe Baby Lotion Massage

New Johnson's Head-To-Toe Baby Lotion Sleeping Baby

I was scared that her new daily baths (I’m guilty of skipping some days when she wasn’t in school) were going to dry up her skin but the JOHNSON’S® Baby new HEAD-TO-TOE™ has actually made it softer. The baby wash and baby cream soften the skin more than the original HEAD-TO-TOE™ Wash and is a great fit for babies with sensitive skin.  She loves putting her arm to her nose to smell the freshness.

New Johnson's Head-To-Toe Cleansing Wipes
And, on days when we have to run and after-school errand, or weekends when we have been out and about all day, the JOHNSON’S® Baby new HEAD-TO-TOE™ cleansing cloths sure come in handy. After a full day of playing in a sandbox, painting, riding mini tricycles and even swimming, she’s not exactly fresh and clean anymore.  The wipe is thick and soft and perfect for in between baths and they smell SO good.  I know that I’m not the only adult that still uses JOHNSON’S products for themselves, so my fellow lifetime users will appreciate this fresh smell.

New Johnson's Head-To-Toe Cleanising WipesSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

With baby number two on the way, I’m super excited to have discovered a new fave! I will definitely be using all of these new products  for the new baby too!

Check out the facts below to see if the JOHNSON’S® Baby new HEAD-TO-TOE™ line is a fit for your family.


I would love to hear about your favorite baby items that you wish you had with baby number one. Do share!