Last Sunday, we got to watch THE GOOD DINOSAUR for the third time. On this day, my husband’s family joined in on the fun, and although all of the seven persons that were in the room with us were all adults, they were all just as interested in the movie, maybe even more than my two-year-old daughter.

Synopsis: “The Good Dinosaur” asks the question: What if the asteroid that forever changed life on Earth missed the planet completely and giant dinosaurs never became extinct?  Pixar Animation Studios takes you on an epic journey into the world of dinosaurs where an Apatosaurus named Arlo (voice of Raymond Ochoa) makes an unlikely human friend. While traveling through a harsh and mysterious landscape, Arlo learns the power of confronting his fears and discovers what he is truly capable of.

TGD_0223_v320_37fcs_123THE GOOD DINOSAUR

There is much to love about The Good Dino, it touches on subjects of loss, friendship, family and inner strength. If you are looking to treat your kids to a new movie, looking for a unique gift or just want to add to your collection, I recommend that you pick up THE GOOD DINOSAUR.  The Disney Pixar animated film will be available via DVD, Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray and Digital HD on February 23rd. That’s today!


and, if you have been following along,  three lucky readers who entered The Good Dinosaur’s Recyclosaurus Challenge are going to won a DVD copy of their own! Aren’t they all so creative?! Look below to see if you are one of the lucky ones!

DVD Winner!
DVD Winner!
Grand Prize Winner!





I hope that everyone enjoyed this fun giveaway! If you want more of the THE GOOD DINOSAUR click HERE for some awesome coloring pages.

*This is non paid post. I did receive a copy of THE GOOD DINOSAUR for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

Join The Good Dinosaur’s Recyclosaurus Challenge+Give Away

We fell in love with THE GOOD DINOSAUR at Disney’s California Adventure, when a visit to the Bug’s Life theater turned into a surprise extended sneak preview of the film. The following month, we made a family trip to the movies and let Arlo and Spot into our hearts. If you haven’t seen the movie, then not to worry! The Disney Pixar animated film following the unlikely duo (Dinosaur Arlo and Cavebaby Spot) will be available via DVD, Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray and Digital HD on February 23rd. To celebrate the release, I’m joining The Good Dinosaur’s Recyclosaurus challenge and you can too!

What is The Good Dinosaur’s Recyclosaurus Challenge?

Disney is encouraging fans to build a homemade dinosaur out of recycled parts and submit photos via social media for a chance to win a Grand Prize Good Dino product package! 

How do I make a dinosaur out of recycled materials? Watch this video for inspiration but don’t be afraid to let your family’s creation shine

What do I win?


Two (2) Runner-Up’s will receive The GOOD DINOSAUR Blu Ray-DVD

To be entered into the challenge you must post to social media by 2/21/16. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are all acceptable but not all necessary. Use the following tags to enter:

  • #thegooddino

  • #recyclo

  • #iamLAmamacita

*Open to U.S residents only*

I can’t wait to see everyone’s creations! Good luck!






Talking Kung Fu Panda 3 with Kate Hudson

I still can’t believe that I was on the phone with Kate Hudson! Kate Hudson! My favorite movie of all time is the Skeleton Key and just the other day I was watching Bride Wars for the 10th time in my life, so getting the opportunity to speak to Kate over the phone to discuss Kung Fu Panda 3 was definitely the highlight of my week.

I was so excited and attempted to hide my nervousness with a funny question, and although I don’t think Kate realized I was trying to be funny,  she was such a sweetheart and humored me anyway.

Kate Hudson KFP3 2


LAM: Personality wise, I feel like you and Mei Mei have a lot in common, but she’s obviously a Panda. What does one do to get into Mei Mei Mode? Do you start eating leaves? Did you visit China? Meet a Panda? What was the craziest thing you did to prepare to voice this character?  Funny, right? No? Ok. I’m learning, I’m learning!


KH: Well, you see, the thing is, this is an animated film…  You go in and have fun with it. There was a lot of laughter and expression. You go for it and you have to push your vocals because you are doing a lot of experiments vocally than you would if you were acting.

I'm in love ❤️🐼❤️

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Kate Visits a baby Panda in Chengdu China! (Photo Credit to Kate Hudson via Instagram)

Kate Hudson KFP3 1

“Mei Mei is unfiltered, she’s hilarious. I love her” – Kate Hudson talks Kung Fun Panda 3


  KUNG FU PANDA 3 will be released nationwide on Friday, January 29th 




It’s still a little chilly in Los Angeles, so we have  been spending a lot of time playing make believe inside our home. This week we joined newly promoted Captain Jake as he unites Never Land’s all-time greatest pirates! Loaded with excitement, additional adventures and a powerful message about believing in yourself, this high-stakes, high-seas adventure is oceans of swashbuckling fun for everyone.

Jake Packshot


To add to the excitement, I decided to bring Summer to our house with this cute fruit snack. You’ll need one kiwi,  2 mandarins and half a banana. I sprinkled a few flax seeds for extra fiber and color. Yummy!



Episodes Included: 

The Great Never Sea Conquest

Into the Heart of Coldness/The Remarkable Beardini!

Escape from Ghost Island/The Island of Doctor Undergear

Rise of the Pirate Pharaoh/The Golden Hook



My little pirate’s favorite episode was “Into the Heart of Coldness” because of the snow castle and snowmen. I think it reminds her of Frozen! haha.




This adventure-filled DVD includes The Great Never Sea Conquest plus 6 additional episodes of the hit Disney Junior series, over two hours of fun! Plus FREE inside every DVD is an exclusive 3D Colossus puzzle ship you can’t get anywhere else!


Two of my readers will be able to win a copy and there are two ways to WIN.

  1. Enter Here
  2. Follow on Instagram and enter by using #iamLAmamacita on your favorite family photos!

*Open to U.S residents Only*

This is not a sponsored post but I did receive a free copy of the DVD for my review and honest opinion.


Hotel Transylvania 2 On Blu-ray 3D™ Combo Pack, Blu-ray™ Combo Pack & DVD Jan. 12+ {Give Away & Review}

What do you when you when it has been raining for three straight days and you can’t go outside? You pop in a family friendly movie and cozy up with a warm cup of  cocoa. That’s what my two year old daughter and I did last night. We watched the super cute Sony Pictures Animation’s monster family box-office hit HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 2!  If you didn’t get to catch in the theaters, then you are in luck because it will debut  on Blu-ray 3D™ Combo Pack, Blu-ray™ Combo Pack and DVD on January 12th.

In this all-new monster comedy adventure, everything seems to be changing for the better at Hotel Transylvania! However, Drac is worried that his adorable half-human, half-vampire grandson, Dennis, isn’t showing signs of being a vampire. So while Mavis is on vacation, things get batty as Drac enlists his monster friends Frank, Murray, Wayne and Griffin to put Dennis through a “monster-in-training” boot camp!


We laughed  the entire time and my daughter  just couldn’t get enough of the baby, “oh no! baby?” was her favorite phrase to say throughout the movie. As a Mexican, I especially liked the mariachi and piñata that was part of one of three Birthday parties featured. My daughter loves birthday party anything, so she was especially excited about all the “Happy Birthday Jujus” that were happening.

The Blu-ray combo pack and DVD are full of extras, including Fifth Harmony’s “I’m in Love With a Monster” music video, which I personally love! Like many other toddlers, mine is currently obsessed with Youtube toy reviews and tutorials so she really enjoyed the character sketch gallery and the tutorial on how to make the funny and scary sounds of Hotel Transylvania 2.


Blu-ray & Digital Exclusives Include

All DVD Bonus Features Plus…

  • Sing Along with Monster Scary-Oke!
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Make the Scary, Silly Sounds of Hotel Transylvania 2
  • How to Throw The Ultimate Monster Party
  • How to Draw Your Favorite Characters
  • The New Guys: Meet Vlad, Dennis, Kakie and More!


EST Button[LHDF].png               

Have you seen the movie? Do you like it? 

 Enter our {Give Away} to win a copy!

Two lucky readers will win a copy of Hotel Transylvania 2!

You have two different opportunities to win.

1.Enter Here

2. Head on over to Instagram for a second chance

Good luck!

HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 2 has a running time of 89 minutes and is rated PG for some scary images, action and rude humor.


* This is non-sponsored post but I did receive a free copy of the DVD for my honest opinion and review.



Dad vs Step-Dad, The stars of DADDY’S HOME Talk Parenting Mishaps +{GIVE AWAY to Advanced Screening}

My mom and my step-mom are really good friends is something I often say. Most people do a double and glance and reply with a stunned face. Yes, my mom and my step-mom get along. They go out breakfast, talk on the phone and even go out clubbing with each other. They are both over 40 so that fact that they go clubbing is a stunning statement in itself. My dad and my mom were no longer a couple for years before my dad and his new wife got together, and although my mom and my step-mom weren’t instant BFF’s, there never really was any beef between them. Maybe my mom could have been jealous of my dad’s new, younger wife but there wasn’t any room for that since my mom had a new, younger husband herself.  However, now that I think about it, perhaps my mom and dad were the ones competing! Against each other! The whole situation reminds me of a comedy.

A comedy like “DADDY’S HOME”  starring Will Ferrell, Linda and Mark Wahlberg. The movie follows a mild-mannered radio executive (Ferrell) who strives to become the best stepdad to his wife’s two children, but complications ensue when their freewheeling and freeloading real father  (Wahlberg) arrives, forcing him to compete for the affection of the kids.

Talk about competition!

 Watch the trailer!

I had the opportunity to interview stars Will Ferrell,  Mark Wahlberg, and Linda Cardellini—and they gave me the scoop on their style of parenting, their advice for future step-parents and their funny parent mishaps.


There are a lot of parenting mishaps (in the movie), can you talk about any parenting mishaps that you’ve experienced?

MW: I’ve had quite a few… But I’ve got a good one! I keep showing my kids stuff that I think is appropriate, and my wife quickly corrects me.

WF: I drop my oldest son off at soccer practice for about two hours …

MW: On the wrong field?

WF: On the wrong field.

MW: My dad took me to the wrong school, and I’m like, “Dad, that’s not my school.” He was like, “get in there that’s your school!”

LC:  I’m a first-time mother, so you’re scared you’re making some kind of mistake.  I do, and she corrects me, and it’s fine. She’s 3-1/2, and she already knows better than I do.

WF: I think that’s what the movie is pointing out and celebrating. The fact that as parents you really don’t know what you are doing and you are making it up as you go along. Some days you lay in bed going “today was a good day. We had some teachable moments and these are moments our children our going to remember.” Other nights you are like “oh, I totally blew it. That was not good.”

As a parent have you discovered something about yourself that you didn’t know before?

WF: I’m probably the opposite, in the sense that I thought I would have it all figured out, and I’d probably be pretty easygoing. I found that I’m the one who’s like, “Please put it down. Please put it down. PUT IT DOWN NOW!!!”  I have to sometimes just relax, and just have patience.

Do you guys have any advice for anyone who is going to become a step-parent?

MW: Good luck.

DH_Payoff 1-Sht.jpg

Blended families are a new norm. Some get along, and some don’t. I’m lucky that I never had to deal with any step-mommy or step-daddy drama. All I have is a funny story to tell about how my mom and my step-mom go clubbing together.


Do you have any funny stories or pictures of your blended family? I would love to see them! Head on over to Instagram and use the hashtags #iamLAmamacita along with #daddyshome  for a chance to win a family four pack to see DADDY’S HOME!

Contest runs today through Saturday, December 12th. The winner will be announced on Saturday, 12/12 at 6PM Pacific Time. Open to Los Angeles and surrounding cities residents only.

DADDY’S HOME will be in a theatre near you on Christmas Day 2015

 Learn More

“Have Courage & Be Kind” Cinderella Cupcake Party & Free Printables

                                        DISNEY MOVIES ANYWHERE on September 15, 2015

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. If I could make one wish for my daughter is that she grow up to be a kind, generous, humble and courageous woman. Disney’s CINDERELLA does a great job of sending out that message. In fact, the film’s most popular quote is “Have Courage and Be Kind”.  It touched on subjects such as love and loss, family, and even bullying, and my little family and I loved every minute of the movie. All three of us had different aspects that we enjoyed. My husband was impressed with the cast and the humor involved, my daughter loved all the magic, the colors and, of course, the princess. I loved the daughter mother bond between Ella (Lily James) and her mother.  I also love the amazing costumes, especially every single dress that the evil step-mother wore (Cate Blanchett) they all looked as if they were straight out a couture runway.  I got super excited when I popped in the movie and realized that you have the option to play it in English, French or Spanish.  As someone who is raising a bilingual child, it is always a big deal when Spanish is an option!

SYNOPSIS:  Celebrate Disney’s “Cinderella,” a modern classic that shines with beauty, imagination…and magic! Despite being mistreated by her stepmother (Cate Blanchett) and stepsisters, a spirited Ella (Lily James) resolves to take charge of her fate. Add a royal ball, a Fairy Godmother (Helena Bonham-Carter) and a glass slipper, and suddenly – magic becomes reality!


Over 12 Minutes of Additional Scenes, Including an Alternate Opening,
Plus the “Frozen Fever” Theatrical Short!

Cupcake Party3

Cupcake Party1

Because I found the message of the film to be inspiring, I also hosted a screening party for my daughter and all her little cousins so that they too could learn from it. The theme of the party was  “Have Courage and Be Kind” cupcake party! My family and I love that our girls will grow up together like we did.  We want to make sure that they love, respect and are kind to one another.  The girls loved the party theme.  They watched the movie, colored, argued (and made up), danced, sang, and ate lots of cupcakes. They especially loved when Cinderella herself showed up!

Cupcake Party4

cupcake Party6

Cupcake Party2

Cupcake Party5My family and I encourage you to host your own Cinderella party.  I have lots of printables, ideas and recipes to make your party a success.

Rag Mice

Cinderella Bingo

ButterflyRoyal Ball

pumpkin muffinEdibles







If you would like your own copy of the film, follow us on Instagram @lamamacitablog. I will pick a winner who has used #iamLAmamacita on their mommy adventure pictures. The contest is over on 9/15/2015.

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