About L.A Mamacita


Hi, welcome to my site! I’m a married first generation Mexican-American mom to a vibrant 2-year-old daughter who is being raised bilingual and vegetarian.  I hold degrees in Communications and Sociology with an Emphasis in Media and currently work from home as a non-profit and social media consultant.  My husband and I also own and manage a small business together.

We live in Los Angeles and are always on the look out for FREE and FUN things for the entire family to do.

I just like other mamacitas lead a very busy lifestyle.  Our daily life events include figuring out this parenting thing, looking for healthy recipes, trying new products, shopping for the latest and trendiest toddler clothing and of course keeping up with the latest in pop culture!

This is a glimpse into my lifestyle.

Are you an L.A Mamacita?